Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Upon real time pressure from my friend, Jay “Crab” Gyebi, and an invitation from Nana Hemaa, the Director, I made my way to one of the Silverbird cinema halls at the Accra Mall on Monday evening. The occasion was the official launch of the new exciting and captivating television series, Meet The Girls, which is scheduled to start showing on ETV this Thursday, 11th August at 9.30pm and a repeat on Sundays at 12noon.

The show is basically about four friends, each with a unique character and their own drama who live together. Once in a while they get guests either at home or at different locations. They meet these guests, or rather, these guests meet them and they get chatty with them. The conversation flows and the guest may not even realise that it can pass for an interview. These girls are Nana Ayesua Tham, the mother figure who loves to cook and yes, she is confident of her delicious sexy self and does not agree with Lisa, the Diva figure amongst them that being bigger does not exude sexiness. Alisa Sowah, the diva, is the self conscious always-have-to-look-good madam who spends hours in the bathroom, obviously polishing up. She cannot do without make-up and even though yesterday’s screening had Stephanie Benson as their guest, obviously the diva diva amongst them, Lisa still prepped up enough to match up.

Now to Jay Gyebi, that annoying friend of mine! Forgive me if I sound negatively biased but yes, Jay is annoying. In the series, she is the zealous executive who obviously has her nose tied down in work. Refreshingly, she is the idea developer of the show. At the launch, she was posing shy, but I know better!!!. Then we have the seemingly fun to have around, you-cant-hate-you-cant-love Pinnock Frost Asiedu. By size she is the smallest, and by character, I will say she is the baby amongst them.

Stephanie Benson, the Ghanaian international singing sensation was the guest. She agreed to meet the girls on condition that they will go jogging first before settling to have a chat. After she commanded the jogging session, she sat to have breakfast with the girls. The conversation started amongst all five of them. obviously not scripted, the conversation veered from her personal self, upbringing, her marriage at twenty years, her faithfulness to her husband, her five pregnancies with her still unbelievable body, her chocolate factory in London, her mine in the Ashanti Region, her very hot first son, and her last baby who she says is a good kisser!

Obviously a lot of fun to chat with, Stephanie let go, said what she felt like saying, talked admiringly about her husband and adoringly about her kids. They spoke about food, being healthy and loving yourself. I would say Stephanie made the girls’ work easier because she gave out a lot of information. She held a conversation with the girls, not an interview.

It is my hope that when they get a boring guest, they will be able to manoeuvre around the person and still be able to bring entertainment to bear.

Stephanie Benson was at the launch herself, and so was Okyeame Kwame who admonished the producers for not crediting Richie, whose beat they used throughout the show.

Let’s hold on, relax, and prepare feverishly to meet the girls.