Monday, April 29, 2013

Akesse Sings "Crazy Love"

I sometimes pride myself with knowing good music. I am not a chaser of new things, music included yet when I hear a good tune, I take time off to soak it in. I was listening to Sunny FM one day when I heard a tune set in a Reggae groove.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

ENOUGH!!! Celebrating ME! :-)

Sakyiwaa Mensah. Myself. :-)
This morning, just as I woke up and while still appreciating the Grace of God and His mercies, It dawned on me that indeed I am not a lost cause. It dawned on me that some people really tried to make me feel lousy about myself, maybe because they felt threatened in their own lazy corners for whatever reasons.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Fashion Fair And The Free Make Up

The Event Poster

The fashionistaGH Shopping Festival is an annual event which was started a year ago by OB Abenser, founder of Fashionista Ghana. It started off as a Facebook page with particular interest in promoting the cloths and fashion accessories of majorly upcoming Ghanaian Fashion Designers and some established ones. 

The Showmanship We Crave, Yet Misinterpret!

Chris Brown

On the recent Chris Brown Concert in Accra, Ghana, someone tagged me in a post about the whole concert and the weed smoking(supposed). I did not answer because I did not attend the concert and aside the smoking, no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE had made enough sense to give me a clear enough picture of what happened at the Stadium that night.