Friday, June 30, 2017


It doesn't matter what right you have ever done. When wrong occurs, you'd still be expected to solve whatever problem.
Look, you ain't below no one!

Take a step back. Treat people the way they treat you. When they get angry and decide not to talk to you, that's fine. When you get angry for whatever reason, shut down too sometimes. And especially when NO ATTEMPT is made to even ask why you are upset.

You can't always be on a peace keeping mission. You will be drained. You will drown. When people refuse to see your worth and will rather compare, and hold you to whatever standards, look, love yourself enough to block out the silliness.

This level is actually nonsense.
Not just silliness.

Love? Gosh it is pure and blissful and involves sacrifice and servitude but IT IS NOT ONE SIDED.

When you have leant and understood and applied how someone appreciates love, but they careless what love means to you, when your servitude is ignored because of ego, let it all slide and smile at yourself. Love you, for you are worth soooooo much to you and God and family and loved ones.

Love is never boastful nor disrespectful.
Love isn't silent nor seeks to present oneself as better than the other.
Love isn't a journey of constantly being made to feel as if you need someone's seal of approval.

Bring in attitude, add silent treatments, shut down, do all the wrongs, and don't ever blame your partners when they shut down too.

Love is a beautiful simple easy thing. Complicate it and become a victim of your own doing.

Now. . . it's a Friday night. Kojo Akwaboah sings that the forest that has helped you before, never call it a useless forest!

Thank God for today! ;)