Friday, March 5, 2010


JUST when the nominations list came out, issues started flying left right and center. Admittedly, the GMA has come far. There have been issues with it right from its inception. As dynamic as the organizers are, they made the necessary changes. GMA has grown. It is big. It is Ghanaian and I love it.
Appreciate what is beautiful and I must say GMA is beautiful as well. Criticisms come with appreciation. A pat here, a mistake pointed out there, changes are made here and there, GMA grows big and Ghana music gets to be celebrated every now and then.


There seem to be a particular group of people whose successes forces the remaining public to see them as demigods. It is must be very dissatisfying that in one instance, they and others around them see them as humans enough, and very capable of committing mistakes, humanely possible mistakes. Then there comes a time when the public and the corporate world places so much premium on them that mistakes seems to be a no go area for their still human selves.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a hip life/hip-hop follower. I can only say I love good music. The language is not usually a barrier because I do listen to songs from other parts of Africa, I can barely understand the language yet I pay attention to them. This I do via VOA radio.