Friday, March 5, 2010


There seem to be a particular group of people whose successes forces the remaining public to see them as demigods. It is must be very dissatisfying that in one instance, they and others around them see them as humans enough, and very capable of committing mistakes, humanely possible mistakes. Then there comes a time when the public and the corporate world places so much premium on them that mistakes seems to be a no go area for their still human selves.

Celebrities are normal people for crying out loud. Normal in the sense that their capabilities are still humanely possible and oh yes they will definitely make mistakes. Their works and faces are popular, no doubt, but everything else is human.
The corporate world will use them for brand extensions and endorsements. They are made to look like they are faultless. Human as they are, they definitely will flout in one way or the other. When they do, they are treated as if they are the most stupid people alive. Even their apologies are seen as gimmicks.

Tiger Woods made mistakes. He went off the golf pitch for a while. He apologized publicly, and it was seen as a gimmick. Relatively, majority of men cheat on their spouses one way or the other, don’t they?

Chris Brown laid his hand on Rihanna. It became a world case and everybody talked about it. Please do not get me wrong. I am not supporting these people and some of these mistakes. All I am trying to point out is the fact that they are human, just like any body else, when they make mistakes, they should be pardoned and supported instead of going against them and making them feel like they are gods, but in human bodies.

A lot of Ghanaians are saying there is a sex tape on some top actresses with a particular man online. None of the actresses have spoken about it. I am glad they haven’t. All the people I have asked have said that the tape is indeed online. When I ask for the link, they are unable to give it. When I ask if they have seen it themselves, they say NO. Yet they maintain that the tapes are online because others say so. Maybe it is so easy to find such things online. One would just have to type "sex tape" and it will just pop up. Funny. Interesting. I do not care about whether the tapes are available or not or if indeed, such a thing occurred. They sure will not be the first “good” girls to have sex before marriage, or for money, or for any other thing.

A number of girls have the tag of prostitutes. Some so called “good” girls without this tag are seemingly much worse than those with the tag. They will call for phone credit to lunch to shoes and bags and dresses. They will demand money for transport after sex with friends and partners. Some of these “good” girls can seriously drain their male partners yet because they do not go by the tag, they think they are different. I am not referring to those who are in real relationships. I am referring to those who have one night stands to one week flings and keep demanding one thing or the other even when the fling is over. I am trying to put across the fact that those who talk too much about the mistakes of these celebs fail to realize that they themselves keep committing these same mistakes in their closets.

I agree that these people are popular and as such, whatever they do makes news and money for others. It is just disheartening that they are seen as demigods and untouchables. We make mistakes, we seek forgiveness, we seek help and support. This is a normal human feeling. Let us endeavor to do same for these people. When they make mistakes and ask for forgiveness and support, let us not waste time in analyzing their apologies, be it for gimmick or for whatever reasons. Afterall, they apologise with all the meaning of the word. It is these so called analysts who turn these round. Let us support them where necessary. If they ask for privacy, please, the word is self explanatory. Let us not follow their children and spouses, all in the name of making money for our selfish self.

I cannot change the world. I cannot change perceptions. I cannot change the order. But I sure can express my views on this blog,. . . . . . . . . . .definitely unsolicited!


  1. Good one there Akos. I agree on most points and sometimes I think the flack is a bit too much on erring celebs. However, I will like to also point out that in as much as we are humans, there are things like self-control and self discipline. Can you imagine what it will be like for all the millions of Catholics and the watching world out there if it was revealed that the Pope has been having sex here and there?? Or can u imagine what citizens of a country will be forced to accept if politicians come out to say they loot and embezzle because they are also mere humans who make mistakes?? In fact, being mere humans is not something that we can cling to as a defense because that is basic to everyone otherwise it begs the question as to why everyone is not doing the same mistakes?? Certain achievements place us in leadership steads that in one way or the other confers leadership or role models status' to a certain degree on a person. Of course some leadership requires sterner commitment and self control than others. There are some celebrities who show you what their true character is whiles others pretend. Unfortunately if u paint the picture that you are the perfect celebrity husband for example, the world will hold you to it after all they sometimes invests in such pretenses (sponsorship deals). We cannot always put on the cloak of "we are all humans" because some humans have greater power and influence and as such much more is expected of them. The Bible whom much is given much is expected!

  2. 1.Romans 3:23(For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God).
    2.Isaiah 64:6 (All of us have become like one who is unclean and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags...)

    The last time i checked, these memory verses did not make exceptions for Celebrities or the 'non-celebrity' . True! we are all HUMAN! ALL of us!