Friday, March 5, 2010


JUST when the nominations list came out, issues started flying left right and center. Admittedly, the GMA has come far. There have been issues with it right from its inception. As dynamic as the organizers are, they made the necessary changes. GMA has grown. It is big. It is Ghanaian and I love it.
Appreciate what is beautiful and I must say GMA is beautiful as well. Criticisms come with appreciation. A pat here, a mistake pointed out there, changes are made here and there, GMA grows big and Ghana music gets to be celebrated every now and then.

The GMA is 11 years this year. Charter House, congratulations. There have been years when I have stayed up all night just to know who won what. The adrenalin will just not allow me to sleep. DJ Black has always enticed me. I love his voice. I appreciate his music mixes and I love his tone of voice. Doreen Andoh has been a wonderful MC. She will make you want to listen to her as much as you want to know who won what.

On emceeing, some hosts of some of the editions have baffled me. I have never understood why some people will be allowed to host such a grand entertainment event. This is big and I hope that come April 10th 2010, the hostess and hosts will be worth the salts of the event itself.

On using musicians as MCs, it has not really gone down well with me. It is not a bad idea, in fact it is laudable, except that I find it rather unprofessional to have a competitor host the show. As it was in the 10th edition, Obour and Samini were hosts and were competing in one of the categories which was eventually won by the maestro, Kojo Antwi.

I have read about and followed the music awards of the BET and some other music awards. Internationally, the producer for the record of the year automatically wins the producer of the year. This is irrespective of the fact that the producer produced one song or one album. If the music is good enough to win the record of the year, then the producer must be that good. This means that for this category, the nominees should be the producers of the songs that make it to the record of the year category. Let us not award producers for numbers. Let us award them for good records.

In the past, certain personalities have been awarded with lifetime achievement awards. These were not competed for. They were awarded. Tinny and Kwaw Kesse have won a number of awards at previous GMAs. Now, Ayigbe Edem, a relatively new icon, has seven nominations. These icons were brought by Hammer of the Last 2. He has unearthed a number of other celebs, in the persons of Joe Frazier, Deeba, Boli and a host of others who he brought to the fore on his compilation albums. He is also responsible for Obrafour.

It will not be out of place to award such a person. I heard him say on an interview on the Rundown on TV Africa that he sees himself as John the Baptist. He paves way for these youngsters with talent. He helps them to come to the public arena and unselfish as he is, he lets them be so he can have time to scout for new ones. I must say, admittedly, that I am proud of Hammer of the Last two. I don’t know how he will react to this but I hope he will realize that he has been watched and followed for a while. Apietus and Richie and others have been awarded. Hammer has not been awarded yet. I hope he gets more than a competitive award. I hope he gets a bestowed award. Hammer of the Last Two, wherever you are, I salute you. I am hoping that Charter House will award you during the GMA because they are the events power house and they have handled the GMA well over the years.

I am hoping with all hope that this years’ GMA will have hosts who will make it exciting, not just hosts because they are the sponsor’s icon. There should be clear distinctions. If an emcee does a little performance for excitement, and as a surprise for the evening, that will be so much fun and can be tolerated. However, if the host goes into a full gear performance, then that takes some beauty away from the program. In any case, it is quite difficult to see our everyday musicians as emcees. Please, endeavor to keep the musicians as musicians and the emcees as emcees. I love Doreen. I love DJ Black. I love their presentation. Please give Doreen a good and lovely co host.

Hmmm, I cant wait to enjoy the April 10th GMA.

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