Thursday, April 15, 2010


In a country where titles are thrown about in a rather haphazard way, it sometimes comes with little dignity when deserving people re referred to with those titles.

CEO has become so common that corporate organizations are beginning to change this same title to Chief Operating Officer and others, in a bid maintain the dignity and responsibility that comes with it.

In our musical circles, most often, the artists pick the titles and confer it on themselves. They even choose local names to depict some of these titles. It has become so common that the extraO filling that is to be associated with some titles are lost.

In the recent past, female music entertainers in Ghana were mostly doing ‘church gospel’ music. Our understanding of gospel was and is still so vague that we only deem it to be associated with music that mentions Jesus or God. Apart from the gospel artists, all other female performers were seen as secular performers. Oh how wrong we were!

Then as if to fill an empty space and a hunger for female entertainers especially in our contemporary music genre, female entertainers started sprouting up. Abrewanana is one of the pioneers of such females. With the invisible glass ceiling now cracked, other female acts came up, some even formed groups. Currently, the females are a force to reckon with. Some are doing very well while others, the least said the better.

For sometime now, the media seems to be associating “diva” to some of our female artists. I have realized that with the west, this same word is not associated with just about any female singer. Talk of ‘diva’ and Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion comes to mind. These females define the dictionary meaning of the word. Dictionaries generally define ‘diva’ as a celebrated female singer. The term is used to describe a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera and by extension, in theatre, cinema and popular music. We do not do these things here, even if we do, it is sub-standard. What we do a lot is playing show CDs with the artists miming along with it. In this regard, I will mention that Becca and Efya are seemingly on their way to diva status though they are still far from the weight of ‘diva’. It is evidently clear that Becca spends time on her act. She has not been a disappointment to watch since she came to the limelight. Efya can sing. She can sing and yes she can sing! She has the attitude, facial expressions and a voice.

For the rest of the females who smile at being called divas in the making, well, maybe it’s not their faults. Maybe, it is the fault of entertainment writers who do not take time to open a dictionary for clarity sake. Gosh!

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  1. Divas?? Well honestly I have never taken note of this title being used on any of our female stars. Nevertheless, I am not one who really likes titles as i feel that most often than not its not put to proper use in the entertainment industry.

    The issue of Divas can be likened to calling people stars and celebrities. We cannot wait for them to lay world acclaim before calling them that. After all how many of our so-called stars and celebrities would be recognized outside the country if they decided to go on a secret vacation for instance?? Their local "starness"/"Divaness" as conferred either correctly or incorrectly will have to serve as a huge motivation to propel them to reach world acclaim. Personally, I find no problem calling them Divas whether they deserve it or not but I hope it rather serve to motivate them rather than make them feel that they have reached the final destination!