Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Is "The Legacy"

Maybe I need to take an Ewe language course. Even pidgin Ewe will be comforting for me at this stage. I need the lesson because Ayigbe Edem’s music keeps making me go to others for explanation.

The first time, I had to book my neighbor for an explanation of his “Too Much” single. This time around, I pinned my friend, Mina down to listen and interpret “The Legacy”, his second single off his Mass Production Album. It features the sensational Ga rapper whose physique and name are in common, Tinny, the Aletse Kankpe man.

Listening intently, Mina took me through the meanings of what the record says. In summary, Edem and Tinny have orchestrated this beautiful piece at their enemies. They have warnings for those who keep thinking that they are joking with what they do. They just do not realize or rather fail to admit that what they do is actually the real deal.

Like a typical Hammer Last Two beat, it starts with a few instruments and graduates steadily to a symphony of instruments with a bit of talks before the actual rapping begins. My favorite line here is “parental guidance. This is an adult picture. Listen responsibly.” Tinny starts off with a strong one word intro, Edem comes through with a line, there is a seeming conversation between the two and then a feel of aggression as Edem launches into his rap. Tinny’s rap has a more relaxed feel.
Edem sings as well on this record and manages to conquer the aggression felt in his rap. Some people said Becca made the Ga language sound so romantic with her “Daa ke Daa” record. Ayigbe Edem sings in Ewe and does it for me on this record.

The accompanying video does well by portraying the story in the music. Samad Davis od Davis Media Group, the Film Director responsible for the directing of the American movie, Three Can Play That Game fused his movie techniques and the meaning of the record well enough. It has a movie feel.

I have said before that good music surpasses language understanding. Edem is a good artist, emcee and a great story teller but above all, he is a good musician, brilliant composer and yes, an authentic rapper.

I need Ewe lessons. Seriously. Someone please inform Ayigbe Edem for me. I want him for my private tuition. Am ready. Where is my teacher???

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Little Things That You Do - Efya

. . .When you say “cook the food let me wash the bowls, . . .come here baby let me touch your toes, . . .makes me love you more. . .When you suggest “wash the clothes let me clean the house.”. . . makes me wanna be a star. . . It’s the little things that you do that makes me love you more. . .

Truly it is the little things. Over and over again I have heard men complain about the complexities of women, their wish to understand our intricacies and wants especially in love situations. Men, Efya is telling you all there is for you to know and do. It should not be hard to please a woman. It is in the little things that you do. . .

. . . When you forget yourself and you pick your nose, . . .get drunk fall asleep in your clothes. . .makes me love you more. . . When you do something really gross like the way you fart when am really close, . . it’s the little things that you do that makes me love you more. . .

The track is set in a slow tempo instrumentation with Efya’s voice coming out strong and clear. “Little Things” is a single that has been released off her yet to be released album. The second runner up of the first edition of the Stars of the Future reality show can sing. She can sing. Efya sings!!!

. . . Love shouldn’t be so complicated. You’re the best man I ever dated. It’s the way you do the things you do that makes you you. I love you, love you more . . .oh yeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The New Face Of Morning Radio - Lexis Alejandro Bill

Alejandro, his middle name as far as the show is concerned, Lexis Bill is the host of the morning show, Daybreak Hitz on Accra based Hitz 103.7FM.

With a deep baritone voice, Lexis Bill comes across as a very intelligent and sassy presenter. How he manages to tie incidents and happenings to his program is evident of his intelligence. His Facebook updates especially during his show are what caught my attention. Listening to him and actually paying attention made me fall in love with his style of presentation and again with his intelligence.

Named Louis Sakyiamah at birth, he got the name Lexis Bill by coincidence. It was merely a nickname his mates referred him with. It does not have any particular meaning and the Alejandro is his adopted name. Its origins, as far as Lexis Bill is concerned is from Lady Gaga’s song of the same title. Anytime I see his name (Sakyiamah Louis) on Facebook, it reminds me of WAEC, the West African Examinations Council. Why? Because just like most examinations, you write a WAEC exam with your surname first. (Personally, I feel people who write their surnames first simply love academic examinations and must have written a lot of them)

The Legon PRESECAN went to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology for his undergraduate studies. He holds a degree in Social Sciences, with a major in Human Resource Management. While at Tech, he was a presenter at the campus based Focus Fm where he won the Best Presenter Award one time. This was his very first stint with radio. He later got employed by Kapital Radio. Realizing his love affair with radio might be more than just a flirt, he undertook a radio programming course with Blacksoft Developers Ghana. Upon completion and a few more months with Kapital Radio, he got employed by another Garden City based radio station, Radio Xtacy as the Programs Manager, doubling as a presenter as well. He has no family in Kumasi.
Currently a part of the Multimedia Group on the Hitz FM franchise, the self admitted shy presenter is gradually gaining a lot of popularity in the capital. His show is basically a musical program which promises and is actually different from the mainly political radio we unfortunately have here. There are different segments on the show with the “Let’s Get Talking” segment discussing varied issues with listener participation through phone calls, texts and Facebook. As part of his job, he does emceeing for some of the station’s outdoor events. He emcees on other platforms as well.

His Programs Manager, Ahuma Bosco Ocansey sees Lexis Bill as still opening up to his potential and believes he has a very bright future ahead. He describes him as being obedient and loves his openness to criticisms.

Anyone interested in gyms and body building as well as basketball can get a partner in Lexis Alejandro Bill.

Catch him on Hitz Fm on the 103.7 dial, Mondays to Fridays from 6am to 10am. If he makes you laugh and you happen to call or send him a message on Facebook, just say “wa blasti” or “Lexis you blast”. . .that will be your automatic acceptance into his ever growing fan base.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Am In Love With You. . .Now

Is it not a usual case of persons not exactly appreciating the worth of their partners, playing with their emotions and love and downplaying their intelligence for whatever reasons until they are found out and left with a hanging relationship before they begin to appreciate their partners?

I heard this record and fell madly in love with it. Even at that time, the words had not sunk into me yet. The rhythm and harmony of the beat, the singing voice of Efya and the on-point rap of Sarkodie got me reeling. Paying more attention, it gave me enough inspiration to write this.

So as the story unfolds, Sarkodie has obviously wronged Miss-Lovely-Singing-Sensation Efya. Annoyingly, he has realized his mistakes but the dude has not apologized. He has not said “sorry” yet and well, female as she is with all our sentiments on display, she really loves her man, still, but she is adamant because the magic word has not come in yet. Oh men! You make promises and fail, you disappoint, we stick, we stay, you wrong us, we smile but hey, we all have our peak and even at that peak, sorry sometimes can solve it all but should I attribute it to ego??? When it happens like this, we sometimes love you still, honestly, but your adamant stance gives us the strength to walk. We miss you. Oh yes we do but sometimes we just do not want to be the ones to feed your egos. If you are wrong and we keep swallowing, it is usually because we love you and are in love with you still and miss you but when it seems like a deliberate attempt to mock our intelligence, then so long misters!

Ghana’s fastest rapper, Sarkodie comes out on an unusually slow tempo on this track. All his words are heard. His regrets are well registered and Efya, Sarkodie loves you, at least he convinces me as such. He sounds to me like he went borrowing love “raps” from Kojo Antwi the Maestro. After broken promises and obvious downplaying, he is now making entirely new promises to Efya.

At one point, he says he will choose his words carefully and edit them because he does not want to get Efya angrier enough to want to shoot him. Apparently, he moved on after the breakup but could not find anyone like Efya and well, he is now promising on his life that he will not disappoint her again.

Sarkodie hit a jackpot on his return with his pleas. His luck is Efya is still in love with him. Awwww nice! He has Providence on his side. Oh but typical woman and of women, of course Efya threw some of his misgivings to his face. She mentions the broken promises, the lies, him ripping her heart out and stamping on it. Trust women to emphasize on the “no sorry” part.

At the end of it all, Sarkodie gets lucky because Efya’s love still remained and he is still the only one who can make Efya say “I love you baby, want you baby, the only one who can make me say I . . .”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Write Write On My Wall. . .

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