Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good Women

Women are never good enough!!! Well, that is according to men, generally. :-)

We all know there are women who change after marriage. We know of those who dont respect their husbands. We know some who immediately disappear and seek divorce should their husband's financial level drops for whichever reason. We do known of those who never cook and never manage their homes.

Just By Grace

The following are actual situations of some people. No names are mentioned though and it is meant to make you realize that indeed, life is undulating. And it is all by grace. 

Once there lived a young man, overly sheltered by his rich parents. They gave him all he ever wanted and more. In the business others did for money and livelihood, he did for fun. He had some people around him. They were not from homes as good enough as his and indeed they were struggling.