Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good Women

Women are never good enough!!! Well, that is according to men, generally. :-)

We all know there are women who change after marriage. We know of those who dont respect their husbands. We know some who immediately disappear and seek divorce should their husband's financial level drops for whichever reason. We do known of those who never cook and never manage their homes.
We know of those women who have grown claws and ensure their husbands are forever looking miserable. And yes, we know of the "halleluyah-screaming-amen-bless-The-Lord-oh-my-soul-there-is-none-like-Jehovah-bless-Him" church loving front-row-seating women who despite all their enthusiasm at church, simply exist to create misery for their men. And mind you, they always display their marriage rings so proudly.

And then there are the wives who manage their homes and kids and husbands effortlessly. The women who cherish their husbands. The women who turn into super heroes and work their backs in double shifts when their husbands lose their jobs. We know of women who are pillars in the lives of their husbands. The ones who accept other children into her home and trains them beautifully. We know of women who simply respect and adore their husbands and always ensure the man would want to come home straight from work. We know of the women who make homes and keep the homes.

For some reason, I think and feel that the second class of women are never really appreciated. The moment one man complains about his wife, it is likely that his male friends will join in the chorus. . . As for women, that is how they are ooo. They are just like that. Mean, nonsupporting and selfish.

Yet whenever a man compliments his wife, even in public, the praise for the woman is often sheltered. It seems to be the norm that women must be crazy and selfish and make marriage seem like a prison hole for their men. 

Not all women are bad. Admittedly, some women are very bad. Admittedly too, some women are angels. Angels right here on earth. And angels who will stay and stand by their man no matter what. 

Good women are still in existence. Just like good men.


  1. YES good women and men still exist. A good woman is a gift from GOD to a man.

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