Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just By Grace

The following are actual situations of some people. No names are mentioned though and it is meant to make you realize that indeed, life is undulating. And it is all by grace. 

Once there lived a young man, overly sheltered by his rich parents. They gave him all he ever wanted and more. In the business others did for money and livelihood, he did for fun. He had some people around him. They were not from homes as good enough as his and indeed they were struggling. 

Fast forward to a time, about 15 years later and this rich overly spoiled boy is now totally broke with no money. The mother got tired of him draining her and as for the father, he wasn't really enthused about spoiling the boy yet the mother never listened to him. 

One young man he was walking with, and who was from a mere average home always got teased by this rich spoilt kid. He would always tell the average boy of how easy it is to get things from his mother. How he was going to use the mother's resources to start a huge business. And how he would employ others. Mind you, all this was mere talk for he had no idea what it meant to build anything. 

The average boy kept his cool and focused on his life. He actually applied for jobs, and worked hard enough. He built himself and his dreams. Now, the average boy has a fashion label which is doing very well in Ghana. He works in the public domain and is quiet popular and comfortable. He is married with kids and he is taking care of his responsibilities. 

The spoiled rich kid, now an adult. . . He is broke beyond repair. He can't take care of his responsibilities and constantly lives off others. His mother is obviously tired and as for the father, he is just enjoying his retirement air.

This same rich kid once saw an actress on TV and said that that girl was a nobody and lived in a poor section of his childhood neighborhood. She used to sell water and that she is really a nobody. Yet, yet, and yet, this girl is now earning good money, doing a decent job. 

Sometimes we love to judge people according to our immediate properties. We forget that it is just by grace that we were born to this or that parent and that we just could have been born poor or even with a deformity. We easily forget that indeed, it is just by grace. 

In this life, never look down on anyone, no matter what. Never disrespect anyone. And never ride on the haves of your parents. It is all just by grace.

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