Monday, September 12, 2011

Decisions. Maturity. New Venture - Kwaku David Photography

Ace photographers Steve Ababio, Nana Asihene and Emmanuel Bobbie helped him believe in himself. Ababio taught David Sakyi about making considerable business out of photography. As he already had a camera, a gift given him by his brother-in-law, Steve advised him to start his career with five free weddings. Reasons were that he could use those to learn faster and no one could hold him responsible, should there be a loss of data. He shot his first wedding on 31st January2009 in Tamale. His first wedding in Accra was on 11thSeptember 2010. Nana Asihene taught him about flair and creativity and capturing moments while Emmanuel Bobbie taught him about lighting, the essence of all photography.

David Sakyi stumbled into photography. He was given a camera as a gift. He was not so enthused about it but as his then pregnant wife was about to deliver, he decided to learn more about the camera so he could use it to document his baby’s growth by way of photographs. From using the camera at home and outdoors, he started shooting church activities and later got advised by a Reverend Minister friend to take photography seriously. Now, the brain behind Kwaku David Photography is one of strength, determination and a basic believe that anyone can do anything they set their mind to.

David Sakyi could not get into the medical schools of both University of Ghana and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. After his training as a Biochemist, he went into missionary work and was transported to Nairobi, Kenya, to start a branch of the Lighthouse Chapel International in 2002. Later in 2008, in a search for a new career direction, he decided to start his own business, doing CD labeling and businesses related to video production here in Ghana.

While still searching, David had a chat with a friend who had started a consultancy after having been in a similar situation. David wanted to become a motivational speaker but lacked one thing; a wealth of personal examples. This friend, a Reverend Minister, suggested that he focus on photography as he had started taking shots in the church. Very disappointed at the suggestion, it was on his drive back home that it hit him that his good friend, Steve Ababio was into full time photography and was doing exceptionally well. He thus conditioned his mind to get as much help as he could to enable him start on his own.

Born in August 1973, David attended the Ridge Church School. Just before his Common Entrance examination, his father’s job relocated him to Malawi. The family went together and young David stayed there from age twelve till twenty. He returned to Ghana in 1993 but could not gain admission into the Medical school of the University of Ghana, Legon. He stayed out for a year, did a diploma course in management of information systems at the time and applied again to the Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology Medical School the following year. He still could not get it and was offered Biochemistry which he pursued. He graduated in 2001 and is a Spartan (a member of the Independence Hall of KNUST).

David also free-lances with the media department of the Lighthouse Chapel International from time to time and holds two words of counsel he got from the Right Reverend Dag Heward-Mills close to his heart. He was tutored on the principle of emulation which equipped him to copy from those who were ahead of him in his chosen field and be sure to copy well as that was the only way any person coming from behind could catch-up and possibly overtake the forerunners. The second advice was for him to learn to break protocol in formal settings, so he could be able to take certain shots fast enough before anyone could come and walk him off the restricted area.

Currently, Kwaku David Photography is one of the growing benchmark photography professionals in Ghana. He sees the entire world as his studio and takes shots anywhere he finds interesting enough. He can be reached on +233-266-609474.