Thursday, November 14, 2013

Talk Is Cheap!

La Tante DC 10 Restaurant. Airport. Accra. Ghana.  Pic: David K Sakyi
I attended an HR Summit organized by Freda Addu sometime back. Freda was the Human Resource Manager at a place I once worked.

Prof Ulrich was the main speaker at the summit. During his humor filled presentation,

he gave a situation. He had been flying Delta Airlines for a while and had realized the airline delayed flights a lot. He decided to put a log book to it and for a year, he recorded the flight departure times and arrival for all the flights he took. He later presented it to the President of Delta Airline. And pointed out the delays and offered that he could come in to help solve the situation. 

Of course the President laughed him off. But he himself later kept a log book on the flights and after barely a month, he called on the Professor and admitted the problem. He asked for help to change that and viola! The Prof had a new job to train Staff of Delta Airline.

Ghana has the first ever plane that has been turned into a restaurant here. Many complaints have come in. Granted. Some of these complaints may be legit but aside ranting on Facebook and giving the whole idea a thumps down, have you considered presenting a solution to the management? Have you thought of collecting feedback from the various peeved people and presenting it plus solutions to them?

So the green color is soooooo bad. What would you recommend? Maybe Club Beer feels they can't communicate their brand in any better way than the stark green. You think otherwise. Can you contact club beer and the restaurant owners and give them reasons as to how they can change the color but still manage to effectively showcase club beer on it?

The decor is bad. The set up. . . Do you have a better idea? Have you started putting it on paper?
Your creativity wasn't sought after before. But you still have a chance to add your brain to the edifice.
The services are poor. Can you get more complaints and make a suggestion to the management for customer care training for the staff? 

Will ranting on facebook here and now and rubbishing everything else make it better?
For every problem you identify, you also have a chance to make some real good money with your brain. 

La Tante DC 10. . . Some have a problem with this name. . . Can you suggest another? A more catchy one perhaps?


  1. Hi Sakyiwaa,
    My sides are splitting with laughter,... after reading your article above.

    I was already considering sending you a comment of my appreciation after reading 'His name is Bra Emma', 'I Sleep Around' and the one about your classmates who passed, but after DC 10, i have even decided to subscribe.

    You know why? Beside finding your articles entertaining, and also good 'food for thought', i must confess that on the DC 10 matter, mine is the queen of all the FB rants!

    Your article has embarrassed me into accepting that i could use my energies more constructively, but i am also happy that my indignation, and perhaps that of others I am not the only one i hope) has caught the attention of thinkers and writers like you.

    We all somehow are contributing to shaping what is to come, i believe. Tomorrow, one will consider what rants may come up in making decisions affecting national pride and identity of a people; i on the otherside will find more creative ways to express my objections in a way that it will challenge and inspire, probably i willl even solve problems before i 'talk out loud' about them on FB.

    Thanks and wishing you a great and pleasant outcomes with this blogging enterprise that you have undertaken.

  2. Thank you, welcome, and thank you again! :)

  3. So all the point which as you mention i am totally agreed.
    Thanks for your kind information.