Saturday, February 1, 2014


Back in Senior High School at Labone Secondary School, I studied Visual Art and did General Knowledge in Art as part of my elective subjects. Under this elective subject, one topic I loved a lot was on Art Appreciation where we were taught to pay attention to the elements and principles in design and be able to either appreciate or criticize it constructively.

On Sunday January 26th 2014, I was one of the many people who had turned up at the International Central Gospel Church’ Christ Temple where Pastor Mensa Otabil preached on the day. I have been a regular attendee since October 2013 and had seen their backdrop for that year’s theme which was WORSHIP. This year, the theme is ORDER.

I had seen the new backdrop from beginning of year but it was not until last Sunday that the backdrop alone was able to draw my mind to it, fully, and instinctively, I began to appreciate it. What I saw, and started thinking of silently succeeded in making me break out into smiles. And giggles. And a nostalgic feeling of my days back in school and in the Art Appreciation class.

I saw a backdrop with the outer part of it in darkness and confusion. A depiction of the world before God came in to put it all in order. Then there is a circular part which is bright and seemingly well arranged. The land knows its boundaries.  The rocks, the sea. GOD HAD ORDERED THE CHAOS INTO DEFINITE. Buildings signifying development on the land and footprints in the sand. The footprints. . . His word should be a light unto our path and we are entreated to walk in it.

There is a timepiece which signifies that everything happens within a time frame. There is time for everything, for all seasons and for all activities on earth. There is a beginning and an end. In the middle of this timepiece is Jesus. Jesus, right in the very middle of the whole artwork. This told me Jesus has always been the center of everything and He is still very much the center of our lives. Everything revolves around Jesus who, coincidentally, is walking on water in the artwork. That is the awesomeness and greatness of Christ. Before and after him, no one has ever been able to walk on water. The light of the world has a light shone on His face in the artwork with a white dove signifying His righteousness. The Cross on which He died on Calvary has been aptly represented with ORDER spelt out.  

From what I have come to know, the Church runs yearly themes on one aspect of Religion. This year, the theme is on ORDER. Order for, and in everything one does. Aside this very brilliant art representation of Order, there is some wristbands with Order written on them. You could get some from any of the Church’s many branches. But for now. . . I am loving the ORDER artwork.

CLIMAX of my observation on that Sunday morning was the fact that this was done by someone I admire and have blogged about before. Someone I actually call my friend because, well, he is. It was designed by Nana K. Duah of Oxygen.


  1. My only observation? Your Arts Appreciation teacher will sure be very proud of your analysis, Akosua. Nice and easy read. Just a few petty typos you could fix by reading over and editing one last time. Thanks.

  2. hahaha..nice observation... :) in the words of my kumasi friend Kofi Asamoah its on point......

  3. I stare at that mural every time I'm in church too, which incidentally happens to be the same Christ Temple. I appreciate deeply your insight.

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