Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Write Write On My Wall. . .

. . . If it’s deep, inbox of course. How about Skype and making use of any other available social media platform to propel our love? Oh follow me so I follow you on Twitter!

The words of a lover who is so certain of his love. He believes in her faithfulness so much that he knows, certainly, that should another man come along with loads of money, his girl will reject that because their hearts are in harmony. Whew! Love is good, nice, sweet, saccharine, pleasant enjoyable and pleasing. Sure it has its bitter side as well but from this track, love is a beautiful feeling.

Okyeame Kwame, the Rap Doctor’s new single titled Faithful, which features Bertha, winner of Stars of the Future Season Four is currently making a lot of waves and gathering a number of interests a s the days come by. Truly a star, Bertha exhibits a lot of maturity on this track with regards to her voice. It sounds soothing. The Rap Doctor needs no more demonstrations with his intricate weave of words. In the accompanying video, Okyeame Kwame puts out a whole lot of dance steps somewhat replica of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The video itself is in black and white with a bit of archaic features – the dance, the dresses of the female backup singers/dancers and the whole feel. The only minus about the video is the pillars in the room. Sometimes some of the dancers got behind the pole. I think a space without the pillars would have been far better.

In fact these two make love a seemingly seamless affair with this track. In the opening lines, Okyeame Kwame sings about his girl who is faithfully waiting for him. He is certain she won’t give in to anybody. Bertha also comes in to emphasize her wait for “Bra” Kwame and the fact that she does not need money from any potential suitor. She only loves Kwame.

Produced by Appietus who also appears in the video as himself (the keyboard player), this track has just found its way to being one of my favorites.

Am nodding my head while writing this as the record is on replay and oh mine, “nkanfo” (praise) is raining. Kwame is saying she is a psychologist, she handles his finances like an economist and oh, without her, life is boring. Apparently “Bra” Kwame is domiciled in another country and as he does not have enough money that would enable him to come and spend time with Bertha this June, he will just have to rely on her faithfulness and the internet.

With this track, Okyeame Kwame and Bertha have made long distance relationship look quite easy.

This piece is dedicated to all those in long distance relations. All the very best to you.

For now, however, FAITHFUL is on replay.

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  1. I think this is a great piece even though watching the video, I do not see anything wrong with the pillar you mentioned but I guess it's about opinions here. I truly like the piece because it brings to light the true meaning of the song which I also like for its effect and now for its meaning because of your piece. In fact, I was in a very long distance relationship before my marriage so I guess, it will make me and my wife reminiscent our journey to matrimony. Well done Akosua.