Friday, June 3, 2011

Am In Love With You. . .Now

Is it not a usual case of persons not exactly appreciating the worth of their partners, playing with their emotions and love and downplaying their intelligence for whatever reasons until they are found out and left with a hanging relationship before they begin to appreciate their partners?

I heard this record and fell madly in love with it. Even at that time, the words had not sunk into me yet. The rhythm and harmony of the beat, the singing voice of Efya and the on-point rap of Sarkodie got me reeling. Paying more attention, it gave me enough inspiration to write this.

So as the story unfolds, Sarkodie has obviously wronged Miss-Lovely-Singing-Sensation Efya. Annoyingly, he has realized his mistakes but the dude has not apologized. He has not said “sorry” yet and well, female as she is with all our sentiments on display, she really loves her man, still, but she is adamant because the magic word has not come in yet. Oh men! You make promises and fail, you disappoint, we stick, we stay, you wrong us, we smile but hey, we all have our peak and even at that peak, sorry sometimes can solve it all but should I attribute it to ego??? When it happens like this, we sometimes love you still, honestly, but your adamant stance gives us the strength to walk. We miss you. Oh yes we do but sometimes we just do not want to be the ones to feed your egos. If you are wrong and we keep swallowing, it is usually because we love you and are in love with you still and miss you but when it seems like a deliberate attempt to mock our intelligence, then so long misters!

Ghana’s fastest rapper, Sarkodie comes out on an unusually slow tempo on this track. All his words are heard. His regrets are well registered and Efya, Sarkodie loves you, at least he convinces me as such. He sounds to me like he went borrowing love “raps” from Kojo Antwi the Maestro. After broken promises and obvious downplaying, he is now making entirely new promises to Efya.

At one point, he says he will choose his words carefully and edit them because he does not want to get Efya angrier enough to want to shoot him. Apparently, he moved on after the breakup but could not find anyone like Efya and well, he is now promising on his life that he will not disappoint her again.

Sarkodie hit a jackpot on his return with his pleas. His luck is Efya is still in love with him. Awwww nice! He has Providence on his side. Oh but typical woman and of women, of course Efya threw some of his misgivings to his face. She mentions the broken promises, the lies, him ripping her heart out and stamping on it. Trust women to emphasize on the “no sorry” part.

At the end of it all, Sarkodie gets lucky because Efya’s love still remained and he is still the only one who can make Efya say “I love you baby, want you baby, the only one who can make me say I . . .”

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