Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nana Kofi Asihene - Simple Sophistication

With a rather simple and unassuming demeanor, the creativity of Nana Kofi Asihene of NKACC is seriously different from his conduct. The photographer, graphic designer, videographer, wedding gown designer and event planner of a bundle is one of the persons I have been wanting to write about.

Completing in 2003, I shared the same college with this Technocrat, though five years apart. First publicity I heard about him was in relation to his clothing line which is quite in line as he studied textile design at Kwame Nkrumah’s technology hub of a university in Kumasi, Ghana. He won the 2008 edition of British Council’s International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award in 2008 and a finalist of the Redd’s African Fashion Design Awards the following year.

Next I saw of him was on Facebook with a whole lot of pictures. Apparently he had gone into photography as well. I got chatting with him as I admittedly have a weakness for creative and serious minded people who do not joke with the arts like the seemingly general atmosphere we have here. We met and my initial conclusion was that the sophistication and precision in his works were quite contrary to his appearance. He wore a tee shirt over jeans and was carrying his bread from Shoprite! Not that he should have appeared cagey and up tight but I simply did not expect someone who seemed to not think of anything at all and yet puts a whole lot of thoughts into his ideas.

His love for videos started at a very early stage in his life. At age five, he was surrounded by video reels and camera equipment as an uncle of his was into that profession. In his first year at the university, he had to undertake a subject in photography. Nana Kofi is not exactly a truant but he boycotted this class for the rest of his first year as he felt the class was too boring. He continued the habit of taking pictures which he had developed earlier on, instead of attending the class. He has improved his art of photography and has thought himself well enough with respect to the technicalities and the science behind photography.

Nana has photographed a number of high profile weddings in Accra with that of popular radio personality, Ruddy Kwakye, immediately coming to mind. My love for his photography works got me to want to write about him (I am for good arts). However, as mentioned before, that is just one of the many inventive ideas he cooks.

Talking of videos, his NKACC outfit which is a full service creative studio directed and produced the music video of “Tell Me Your Name” by Chase, Bra Kevin Beats “Three Headed Beast’’ and “You Are” by Eddie Young. There are a number of music videos to his credit. He did the production design for Jay Town’s “Guns and Roses” which got nominated in one category of a Channel O Music Video Awards. Currently, a music video he directed and produced for Cwasi Oteng, titled “Mercy” has been nominated in the African Music Video Awards to be held in London later in the year.

The father of five month old baby boy, Andre, Nana is married to Sophia, who is a partner and designer of most of their wedding gown lines. She runs this aspect of their business.

Asked who he admires, he immediately mentioned Ken Attoh and said Ken has inspired him in a whole lot of ways. He is also a multi-faceted creative person. He has a host of other professionals in photography, movies and the creative world as a whole. To him, art is life and another plus, he paints as well. You might want to make a purchase of one of his paintings now. You can visit his website at

His NKACC outfit is located in Accra.


  1. Write up superb as usual and wish Nana the best for the future and may his passion grow day by day.

  2. He never actually sat in my class in the College of Art, KNUST BUT we met lots of times and exchanged thoughts and ideas whenever it was possible. Can't say I know what drives him. He is creative and sometimes that's all the fire one needs inside to do things other people in a 100 lifetimes wouldn't even consider. Nana has a lot more up his sleeve. Get ready for surprises!

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