Saturday, April 27, 2013

ENOUGH!!! Celebrating ME! :-)

Sakyiwaa Mensah. Myself. :-)
This morning, just as I woke up and while still appreciating the Grace of God and His mercies, It dawned on me that indeed I am not a lost cause. It dawned on me that some people really tried to make me feel lousy about myself, maybe because they felt threatened in their own lazy corners for whatever reasons.

In the last year, and around this time last year, I was working at a job I loved with my all. I was doing Events and Promotions with a certain media house in Accra. I really loved that job, with every vein in me. It was the only job I had had in forever that could give me enough to think about throughout the night and want to rush to the office just so I could get the thoughts in action, after sharing and discussing with my other colleagues the following morning. This was the only job in my life for which I said to myself that I will stay put for not less than FIVE YEARS. I loved it so!

In July last year, I was called and given a letter to go home. My God I was lost. Surprised. Shocked. Confused (even till this day) Majorly, I was disappointed in the very Boss whom I had gone to a month before and asked her how I was faring, and in her own words had said oh I was doing so well at the job. The disappointment was. . . If I really had been impressive, why had she looked on for me to be given the letter?  Later, in all my confusion, I heard the voice of this same female Boss saying, in an unrelated conversation that “Colleagues are never friends.”

Poster for the HIV\AIDS Concert
Ok, so fast forward, I still had enough strength to move on with my life but I was weak from the confusion. Most colleagues at that job expressed shock at my exit. Their shock and surprise and confusion made me feel good because I felt. . . I am not as disjointed as the Management stated in their letter. I knew I wanted to do events. I just love to put things together. Somewhere in October 2012, I thought of having an event to coincide with the World AIDS Day. I got to work and on December 1st 2012, I had my first self produced event; a free HIV AIDS Awareness Concert. The turnout, where I was concerned wasn’t much but all my friends and family saw it as a good enough turn out for a first time self produced event. 
Banner Design for the maiden SexTalk Forum
From November 2012, even before the HIV Concert, I was seriously thinking of a forum on reproductive health. Maybe it stemmed from the fact that I talk openly about sex anytime anywhere and so I knew I could turn it into a business. Besides my already registered company which does Public Relations and Communications needed other ideas to sustain itself.  Alas! The SexTalk Forum was born. On 15th February 2013, the first edition was held. Impressive is an understatement. Impressive in terms of turn up, Resource persons’ deliveries, audience participation, live feed on Twitter and general support from Family and Friends. Lord, Thank You. 

Banner for FashionistaGH Shopping Festival 2013
At the just ended FashionistaGH Shopping Festival held in March 2013, after the first day, I was sitting with OB Abenser, founder of FashionistaGH and while chatting about the event, he said “ah, but this event was your idea ooo. Remember you mentioned that I do it as the first anniversary celebration for FashionistaGH and you even went ahead to give me certain parameters for it?” . . . I was shocked. I smiled and said ‘wow”
This morning, April 27th 2013, I have just had to reflect on the past year and well, all I can say (or advice) is that when one door closes, do not stare at it so much that you will miss the next opened door. 

Design for the second SexTalk Forum
I am currently working on the next edition of The SexTalk Forum. It will be on May 17th 2013 at the Kama Conference Center. 6pm. See you!  


  1. grt job dear....dis is jus da begining, greater tins He wil do.

  2. This is the way. When we are being directed by the invisible guider, our humanness feel the pain and we resist it. I am proud of you and I know you've got what it takes. Go girl. May God continue to guide you through. Expect more challenges as it grows but never give up.

    1. Mr Tehoda!!! you have been an awesome pillar to me. You believed when no one else did. you understood when no one wanted to. You have a beautiful way of encouraging people and i am glad i could benefit from your immense love. Sidney, may God keep us all and continuously bless the works of our heads and hands. In Him we live. Amen. :-)

  3. I am really inspired and i think this is just the beginning of greater events that you would host. Sky is the limit. By the way i will be at the next sextalk forum.

    1. Thanks Marvin. And see you at the forum.