Monday, April 29, 2013

Akesse Sings "Crazy Love"

I sometimes pride myself with knowing good music. I am not a chaser of new things, music included yet when I hear a good tune, I take time off to soak it in. I was listening to Sunny FM one day when I heard a tune set in a Reggae groove.
Initially I thought why would Sunny Fm, a Christian service radio station be playing Reggae? My question found an answer for itself when I realized the tune was actually a Gospel Reggae tune. I heard the Presenter mention the Artiste behind it as Akesse Brempong and song title, Crazy Love. Also, it was a single from this Artiste. 

Since that moment that found me nodding my head till the end, I knew I had found yet another great tune. Crazy Love talks about the amazing love Christ shows to the singer and how He (Christ) treats him. It further talks about how The Lord constantly demonstrates His love through diverse ways and the fact that God’s love towards him is beyond human comprehension. In effect, that kind of love is a crazy kind of love where despite the misgivings and shortfalls of humans, God still shows love in all ways. 

Set in a catchy lovers rock groove, this song can seriously get you nodding your head from the rhythm and composition from the start to the end. There is another voice on the track which does a beautiful adlibbing in patois. His name is Qhakra. 

Phil Evans Akesse Brempong has been singing as far as he can remember. During the various Children’s Day Celebrations in his Church during his childhood days, he was usually made to sing solos, most of which he got standing ovations for.  In Kumasi High School, he eventually became the Music Director of Shalom Singers, the school’s Scripture Union Choir. He directed a non denominational choir, Voice of the Spirit in Kumasi before being admitted to the KNUST where he eventually became the Music Director of King’s Praise, the PENSA Choir. 

A songwriter who has additionally mastered his skill in that, he has written a number of songs and has already shared stages with such renowned artists as Rev. Helen Yawson, Atta Boafo, Joe Mettle, Nii Okai, Eugene Zuta, Cwesi Oteng and Pastor Joe Beecham. Akesse Brempong is a member of E’M Praise Incorporated and the Next Generation Gospel Minister’s Network.

Akesse is currently working on his maiden album titled Songs In The Night to be released in November this year and has already released two other tracks from the album.

Here, a link to the tune.


  1. I had the privilege of listening to this piece from its inception and i knew it will be a hit.

    I remember asking Akesse how he writes his songs. This is good i mean very good.

    Not so many artistes doing reggae have been able to really understand the Gospel Reggae Genre that well and i think you are right on track.

    Looking forward to much more from this great talented young man.

    For now we say Cheers!

  2. Its an amazing song which speaks of an amazing love.....

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