Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Plan Your Ideas

Often times, it is easier for people to pass comments on your ideas. They suddenly become consultants in whichever field and more often, they just expect you to take their advice in all its fullness and follow it to the last bit.

Whenever you have an idea, be sure to sit again, and think thoroughly about a plan concernng your idea. This plan should include all the possible what-ifs and execution times. the moment you talk about the idea, or actually initiate the process of realising the idea, people will automatically come in to give one advice or the other. This could be okay but be sure not to get swayed by the various plans of actions.

Learn to stick to your plan. Of course you should consider chamges where necessary, but ultimately, strive to grow your idea the way you would want to see it grow. Do not just think of the idea, plan its execution.

One more thing, whenever you realize a loophole in something, think of a solution. Do not shout in a bid to draw others' attention so hopefully someone else will solve it. No. You saw the problem, think through it and help in finding a solution.

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