Sunday, May 5, 2013

Entrepreneurs, Be Real!

I keep witnessing a worrying trend of some young entrepreneurs talking, and posing as if all is well and all became well soon as they began their own businesses. And mind you, these people haven't quite made it yet. 

Then there are the older group of entrepreneurs who have actually made it. At least their businesses are standing and expanding and they have so many people working for them yet they will say they are not there yet.

The likes of the owners of Beige Capital, RLG Communications and UT Bank keep saying they have still not arrived yet.

Why do some of these young entrepreneurs pose? What for? To who? They talk like they never get frustrated, never go through pain and have a rosy life. I really respect Mabel Simpson of mSimps to my very core. She shares her frustrations and successes equally. She does not pose. She admits it gets tough sometimes and above all, she is always hopeful. Now that is a real person. 

Sometimes the disillusions created by these young boisterous (yet empty) entrepreneurs make others want to jump and get on the entrepreneurial ladder. They fail miserable and just recoil, majorly because they never are told about the pains and heartaches. 

Being an entrepreneur, despite all the so called opportunities is not easy. It is difficult. Painfully sleepless and teary. But there is always a joyful hope when you have a proper business product or service and a plan to push it and above all, when you know frustrations will come and all the pain is part of the journey. 

Not everyone is supposed to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone must be one.

Some will argue that the media always focuses on the very successful and not on the struggles. I find this line of argument rather saddening. Does it mean that if you are broke and the media says you are rich, you will automatically assume that you are rich and start attending all the social functions, even when you have not been invited? Then again, these very made entrepreneurs always tell these same media people that they are still working on themselves and their businesses.

And oh, if you always talk big and large about your small business deals which hardly makes you break even and yet make it seem like you own private jets yet your BASIC image where dresses, shirts, trousers, shoes, watches, bags, gadgets do not match your big talk, then you are a living lie. You can't tell me you can easily pay for a sleek BMW with your entrepreneurship whereas you are constantly wearing "aka me last", "wonyi no low wonhy3 no high" and third selection Kantamanto items!

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