Friday, February 26, 2010


Students are students. When asked to produce assignments, we will wait till the last minute. When asked questions, we choose to answer or not, mostly to the annoyance of teachers and lecturers. When asked to read, we all seem to have forgotten how to string letters to read words and sentences, how much more paragraphs!

So it was that we were in our usual student mode in second year, or was it third year, when one lecturer asked one of us to read. Like dummies, we were mute for a while, then like a gathering cloud, we started agitating for someone to read. We got to name mentioning. Some were for fun, others were to ease the lecturer’s building annoyance towards us. I think it was in one of Mr Eshun’s class.

Then someone mentioned Mabel. A second person agreed and then, well, Mabel had no choice but to read. She was quite reluctant but as no one was willing to read, she had to. When she started, someone said “Emma Morrison Junior” and mine did she not read with all the confidence of the ace newscaster.

Mabel was prolific in that reading. We were happy for her. More importantly, she must have been really proud of herself for a job well done. Some colleagues said she could do well as a newscaster so she should pursue it. Before this reading, some of us had witnessed her emceeing a few programs.

Today, Mabel is on Hit 103.7 FM, the certified music and entertainment station of the Multimedia Group. She presents a sport slot on some of the programs. She has done entertainment as well. She is not yet a newscaster, but hopefully she will get there.

The first time I heard her read on air, I could feel her nervousness. This is a natural thing for most people. I told her to calm down and that she could do better. The Mabel I heard in school was very confident and she could just “flow” in the language. Gradually, Mabel is picking up. She is doing well and I must add am proud of her .

Tony Otchere has congratulated her. He, just like some of us is very proud of our Mabel, our “Emma Morrison Junior”, our “Tigo Dancer” and our emcee.
Mabel dear, you are doing just fine. Keep up the good work.



  1. Ok that was nice. I wish you well in climbing that ladder too. All the best Akos.

  2. And what about my own burgeoning writer?? You are doing great. Keep it up.

  3. It's starts like this that have ends that are described, GRAND. You. Yes you Mary. U'r doing well. I heard Mabel too, n I'm happy for you.

  4. I had to come back and read this and after just smiled. Thanks Akos for this write up. It was actually in first year and it was Rahman's class. Yes,i didn't want to read because i was shy. I did eventually and it turned out good. I must say i was and still glad you guys supported me. Recommending me to MC for functions on campus and even read more in class. You all made me confident and i always loved to hear myself read. Working at Hitz wasn't part of my plans but when the opportunity came,i left a well paid job to take the offer. Some people called me foolish but i knew what i wanted. Communication was my passion and i had to follow it. I started as a producer and later my Programmes Director asked that i go on air. I had the priviledge of producing and hosting my own show 'So You Think You Know Sports'. Something i was very proud of. Due to some reasons i had to leave. I am still in the communication industry but not doing radio or tv. I hope to do that some day though. The dream has to become a reality. The passion will be forever. Media is in my blood. What do you expect from a six year old who used to follow her dad to the studios of the then only tv station in Ghana?

    To the class of Communication Design 2008, I say 'Me da mo ase' but it is God who has brought me this far.