Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ghanaian music has gone through a lot of metamorphoses. It is heartwarming that despite a lot of shrewd criticisms about making music that we can lay full claim to, we have some entertainers who can stand the test of time.

I heard about your Children’s Ball. The media campaign that followed it and the success of it has clearly showed that indeed you are a force to reckon with.

At the last GMA, your performance was very great. You wowed a lot of people. They applauded and days later, that performance was still being spoken of. Some say you copied Beyonce something something. Forgive me, but chuckles. Does Beyonce sing in Twi? Does she combine “Amirika” and “Daa ke daa” in a performance? What am driving at is that maybe her performance was the inspiration for your GMA performance. What I saw is; you took that bit and added Becca to it. Now that makes it original. After all, all car makers copied and added bits and pieces to the original idea to make the new models their own. Copying is part of creativity. On this dear, don’t mind them.

When you decided to withdraw out of the Mentor Competition, people must have said, as we will on any issue at all, that if you know how to get fame, why come to Mentor? I wonder what they must be saying now!

On hearing your first single “you lied to me” on radio one hot afternoon, made bearable by the air conditioner in the office I was then having my attachment, one of my managers said, and I quote “ah but this girl is this good, why did she even go for a Mentor audition?”. From that moment he became a fan.

I have watched you from afar. You do live band. Now that is another plus. Girl, you are worth your salt. Let whoever does not understand take a lick before talking.

I love art. Ghanaians appreciate good music. We relate so well with it, it beats me as to why anyone will pack loud screams and unnecessary jargons backed with beats and think they are making music! When they fail to launch for the first time, they blame the whole world but themselves. Again, chuckles.

You have a captivating smile. Your photographs are always good. You are a beauty. Thank heavens for the photographers you use. Some can make some very pretty faces look rather terrible. Your management must be a pillar on which you hold. You are doing well. You are soaring. With your singing, live band and acting prowess, you are on your way to “diva” status. You are still far from it but you are getting there, and quite quickly. You will get there.

Becca dear, with all humility, with the blessing of the Deity you believe in, with the support of family, friends and fans, and of course, with EKB Records, may you go as far as is humanly and musically possible. May you continue to make positive strides and as much as possible, please do well to keep the rumor mill quite on negativities associated with you. Make them always talk about you, in truth and with all positive intentions.

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