Friday, March 4, 2011

Ghanaian Movies And Trailers

My kind of movies is the comedy, drama, usually black-cast American films. My reasons for liking them, well I cannot pinpoint. One thing I love about the American and European movies is the fact that when a movie is advertised, the little part they show you is enough to get you to understand the movie, get interested in it and at the same time, not giving you the full story. They show you just enough for you to think you really have to watch that movie.

I am not an action movie fan, but the trailer of SALT got me so interested I watched it without prodding from anyone. In the very short trailer, the double nature of SALT had been established and as to her being a victim or a villain or an usurper had all been established in my mind. In accordance to the movie’s tagline, I just wanted to know “who is SALT?”

Over here, in this part of the world, in this country called Ghana and in this city called Accra, I have watched a lot of movie trailers on our television screens. If I hear about it on radio and it comes with a narrative, I feel okay but when I am watching a movie trailer on television and it is showing with a narrative from the start to the end, I cringe. Why can’t our movie trailers just show without the narrative? Are the trailers (or rather the movies) so bad that without the narrative we cannot decipher the storyline? Or is it rather a bigger case of us not having good enough storylines in our movies as there have been times when I have sat through a movie without getting exactly what it meant. The situation is sometimes very annoying as I have found myself asking on a number of occasions that without the narrative, what will we be watching? This, however, is not for all movie trailers.

On the issue of movies running into part one, two, three, four and even up to ten in some instances, permit me to write “aaaba!” every movie should have a story which must be interpreted and fully dealt with in one part. The part two and other parts should all have stories which must be fully dealt with in one part. It is very annoying to have to stand and change cds three to five times and to spend at least three hours just to know the end of one movie. I do not know who started this “long movies” and in those part one, two, seven, ten but please movie producers, I seriously doubt if what you produce should not be classified under series!

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  1. Series! I agree. I don't even bother to watch. Nice peace Akos.