Friday, April 22, 2011


Somewhere late last year, I chanced on a new single by Edem, usually called Ayigbe Edem, the local Hip-hop artist who plies his trade in the Ewe language. I could not pay much attention to it because I happened to be on public trotro but I did hear snippets of the song. What struck me firsthand was the danceable beat I inadvertently began to nod my head to.

I am not a facebook addict but I do spend time on it. I was on when I chanced on a link to Edem’s new single. I hurried to the link and quickly did I download it. Right after saving it, I started playing and realized that the danceable tune was much more than I had heard earlier on. The beat starts with a soft instrument with Edem’s introduction to the whole scenario in the music. This is followed by a clap of sorts and then drumsticks which reminded me of the brigadiers in my church hitting their side drums during a march.

The title of the record am blubbering about is Too Much, his first single of the Mass Production album. As the instruments added up, the lyrics began to flow. In the record, he has used jingles of some of the well known brands in Ghana. I do not understand the Ewe language myself so from my own deduction, he was comparing himself to all these products and their slogans and the backing vocalist, a friend in the scene, I guess, was saying “chaley you be too much” to Edem.

Before my next hearing of the song, I had booked an appointment of sorts with Faustina, my neighbour, and an Ewe. I had already told her that I needed her to listen to a record and translate it for me. She made time and came over to listen and translate it for me. Right after the first play, she told me what it was about. She said it was a bet Edem had gone with his friends. A certain upscale looking girl had come to where he was with his friends. The lady had come in with her man. Both seemed like no one and nothing could get between them. Edem told his friend he was going to win the girl within the moment. He then approached the couple and started “rapping” the girl and simply ignoring the man. He started off by saying he is a tasty meal that the girl cannot resist, thus he is ROYCO, then to “it is very sweet; am NKATIE BORGA” and lines of others. Finally he got the lady’s attention, much to the chagrin of her man who left her and went off. Just when the lady thought she had gotten a new man, Edem left her and made her aware that not all that glitters is gold. Throughout his “girl-rapping” with his intricate words, his friends would interject with “You be TOO MUCH”. Faustina, thank you.

The danceable record is in his usual hip hop genre and makes very interesting listening. It was produced by Sammie Blacc and Hammer and is on The Last Two Music Label. In 2008, Edem became sensational with some songs from his maiden album, going on to get seven nominations in the GMA with one win.

This record is set to be popular as it is gaining a lot of publicity as the days go by. Once again, Edem has proved his versatility in music. The record has a lot of lines for young men with extraordinary hardship in talking to girls. Well maybe you can use the GUINNESS GREATNESS line.

The link to this single is available on his facebook page and there is an English translation of the lyrics as well.

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