Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photography Basics With Steven Adusei

Over the weekend, at one of the Conference Rooms of the African Regent Hotel, mainly amateur photographers were taken through some of the basics of photography. The workshop, organized by award winning photographer, Steven Adusei also had Nana Kofi Acquah, another ace photographer giving practical lectures on creative use of exposure controls, JPEG verses RAW, autofocus verses manual focus and understanding ISO, shutter speed and aperture. 

Steven himself took the participants through the rudiments of camera buttons and dials, exposure modes, lens choices, basics of flash, light, composition and framing, metering and exposure and how the resolution of an image affects emails and printing.

The workshop is the third installment of the series. It seeks to equip beginners and lovers of photography to appreciate the art more while teaching them the basic technicalities that can add up to make them create awesome pictures. The most important thing for any lover of photography is to own a camera and a set of lens but the most fundamental aspect is to know how to use the camera. Good photographs are not in the savviest equipment. It lies in the person, their knowledge and their passion about it.

Such workshops were hitherto unknown. Being a part of it and with my little knowledge gained, I would encourage all to endeavor to be a part of such a workshop again. The gains are however not just for beginners. Professional photographers can always attend and definitely learn a thing or two. I am already getting myself ready for the next installment of the workshop.

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