Thursday, October 11, 2012

On My TV This Morning!

Kokui and Patric
The new morning show on Viasat One, This Morning is a brilliantly produced program so far. There is a beautiful chemistry between the two presenters and they are able to synchronize their conversations without it looking fake. That entails a lot of brilliance to attain so to you Kokui Selormey and Patrice Amegashie, you guys are awesome!

I need to give an applause to your production team as well because your output can’t be this good without the right team supporting you. Your clothes are on point and your set design is beautiful. The segments in the program is catchy  and for the first time in a long time, issues are discussed well enough and packed into two hours unlike the four hours morning radio and television programs in Ghana are known for. 

The program seems and feels like it has been well planned and coordinated. There might be a burning issue(mostly and definitely political) going on in Ghana but the show DOES NOT focus on that. They will mention it but they still stick to their plan. This means that if for instance, one day they wake up and there is no sensational news, they will still have a show to present!
Joselyn and PY

My only minus has nothing to do with the show per se. The background of the Viasat One news has received some backlash over the months. I do not know why the station has a beautiful set for The One Show, The Football program (the name has slipped my mind) and This Morning yet the news comes with this nauseating green background. It needs to be overhauled. That background is a minus for This Morning because it takes a lot of beauty away from the show.

In my honest opinion, the Producers for The One Show should learn from those of This Morning because well, PY seems like he is not needed in The One show. It is Joselyn’s show and PY seems like an added minus. Please, Producers, Presenters of The One show, learn from those on This Morning. That program is fine!!!

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