Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Of Business, Marriage and Co-Habitating

Once I was having lunch with a friend. He did not seem to understand why marriage was so important. He felt people could just easily co-habitate and the whole hustle of weddings and the marriage ceremonies could be forgotten. I tried to tell him that marriage offers some security and in the event of a divorce, partners could be entitled to parts of properties acquired by both. I mentioned that co-habitating can make people just decide to pack and leave anytime without feeling the need to at least try to make the union work.

In another breath, we were talking about business and working in Ghana. We zoomed into talks on the sudden boom in entrepreneurship in Ghana. My friend was concerned about how new entrepreneurs seemed to want to work alone without feeling the need to join forces and skills with others. 

We got to talking about working in a new business which could not necessarily afford to pay for skills and relied on friends and families to survive. To this, he put in a suggestion, that if new businesses could not afford to pay for.skilled services, they could hire the people alright and instead of upfront payment, they could offer them with shares so they will feel secured about putting their energy into the business.without the fear of being kicked out later on. 

For someone who felt women should agree to co-habitate instead of getting married which will give them some strong legal stand, he was going against his own self where business was concerned. Ironic.
Needless to say, he was made to realise the link between having shares in a start up company which could not afford to pay upfront and having shares(actual marriage) between couples so no one will be cheated out of their energy.

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