Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guts! Beautiful Stubbornness!

I know nothing about football.
Okay I know something.
I know penalty. I know cornerkick. I know midfield and defenders and strikers. Oh I know pain when Manchester United and Ghana loses any match.
Damn! I know football like that. Lol.

I know not of what left back or center back or something like that is. But I know when Coach Kwasi Appiah used the player, Kwadwo Asamoah at that position in Ghana's game against USA in the ongoing World Cup in Brazil, some of us talked a lot, and negatively too. Yesterday same player was used in the same position in the match against Germany. I didn't watch the match.  But I'm informed he did so well.
Guts!!!!!! That is what Kwasi Appiah exhibited. Guts. Conviction. Not being moved by words of people who have never kicked 'chaskele' nor small poles before.
Even with a whole nation of unqualified coaches, Kwasi still stood his ground and has succeeded in making all of you turn your negative talks into silence or praise.
Guts! Conviction! Beautiful stubbornness. . . . . If only we could exhibit a little bit of that in our personal lives and decisions on love, life, work, relationship, . . . . . Will we not be more happier with ourselves?
And oh! I have added Kwasi Appiah to my football knowledge!!!!! 

(This has nothing to do with both of us hailing from Dormaa Ahenkro :) )


  1. Now two years are passed from the last world cup. I really remembering that year now also.Like you i am also noticed this kind of negative talks of Ghana.i agree with you and it is a nice post.

  2. The national soccer team of Ghana is quite good especially when compared to other national teams in Africa. It is too bad that this team has never gotten the chance of winning the world cup just like the rest of national teams in Africa.