Thursday, October 8, 2015

"I Have Given Birth To His Children". . . So What?

Sometimes I think my Pig Farm (The suburb within Accra I grew up in) upbringing has really influenced a lot of my thinking. The population on social media are somewhat different from the population and caliber of people I saw in the neighborhood mostly. 

When I say women should work, and not just say they have given birth to children for their husbands, I in no way lose appreciation for housewives, because that in itself is work, and that is okay if the man is providing. 

But I have seen the lives of many children turned around badly after the death of their fathers. The mothers who usually do not work are left to cater for these children. The consequences have been terrible. 

I have realized that dutiful housewives have been able to make an impact and still cater for their children after the demise of their husbands, while those whose only brag have been that they have given birth to children for the man have had their children have possibly no aspirations for the future. 
When I say women should do more than just brag with "I have given birth to his children", I in no small means downplay the conception, gestation and birthing period. 

There are dutiful housewives, and the other types of women who will not dress their children nor wash nor sweep. 

I have witnessed one too many times when children had to switch schools from private schools to public schools and eventually to drop outs because father died and mother couldn't take care of them. 
And I have witnessed fathers who died, yet mothers who were housewives suddenly found a means to make ends meet. 

Again, I say, do not let your brag be that "you have given birth to his children". Any other woman can do that for him. Because that is somewhat automatic. What is not automatic is caring for the children, especially in situations of death of the men.


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