Saturday, July 23, 2011

No Rizzla No Ganja But We Roll!

Metaphorical! I got an education upon hearing Ayigbe Edem’s new single. He says “no rizzla no ganja me and my girl we still rolling.” I did not understand what he meant so I asked and the education is, rizzla is the white paper which is used to roll wee and ganja is another name for wee. This line is metaphorical in the sense that rizzla is used to roll wee. He and his girl do not have any yet they are still rolling.

I chanced on a link on twitter and facebook both talking about Ayigbe Edem’s new single titled Anything. I checked and downloaded, listened and eureka!!! Edem had produced yet another beautiful track.

Starting with a beat that seems to have Asian and Oriental influences, this track is set in the RnB genre, very different from Edem’s trademark hiphop tunes. The beat is very relaxed and it has this drumbeats that adds up to its awesomeness. The chorus is soothing as well. Very romantic and was produced by Papu, a Congolese artist.

‘Anything” has Edem singing to his woman and basically telling her that he will do anything she needs and anything she wants.

This time around, I got the opportunity to talk to Edem himself and ask him if this record was another single from his upcoming long awaited album. He answered in the negative and explained that it was supposed to be on the album but for a reason, it was dropped. Apparently, while it was still under production, it got leaked onto the internet somehow. Him and his management traced the leakage and asked that it be withdrawn from online. It must have been downloaded by persons just when it was loaded because this same record appeared on a site very different from the site it was leaked on.

Fortunately, his friends and followers on facebook and twitter started appreciating the record so he decided to let it go. It is not one of the official singles on his second album and that makes me wonder in awe. If this beautiful record did not make it to the selected songs for the album, and the first two official singles, “too much” and ‘the legacy” are this good, then we have a hotter package than we must be anticipating. Edem, we patiently await your full second album.

Listen and download "Anything" via

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