Monday, June 3, 2013

Help Me Read!

I have been nursing a growing pain from trying to read status after status which people put up on social media. There is this new silly trend of people spelling words differently from their original spellings. Whenever such people put up a status update, reading them becomes a nightmare. 

Honestly, I would prefer if such people write in Pidgin English, if they are worried about spellings and grammar because this whole shorthand writings is a pain to read.

Sometimes, the shorthand version they write is the same number of letters it would have taken for them to write the actual word. Sometimes they end up with more letters than the original word.

I may be told to stop reading updates from such people. Fair enough. Excerpt that in real life, it is not normal to have negative influences close to you. You cut them off if they are unwilling to help you positively. In the world of social media, there are tabs with “unfriend” written on them. This makes life easier.

Please note that I really would love to read everything you put up. But for crying out loud, help me to have an easy read. 

Do not say “fanks” when you mean THANKS. Do not say “fins” when you mean THINGS, unless you are referring to a part on a fish. Do not say “burfdae” when you mean BIRTHDAY and do not ever write “pweedy” on my wall when you actually mean PRETTY!

I will unfriend you!

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