Monday, June 3, 2013

The Flawless Flow Of Comedy

Over and over again, Ghanaians have questioned how come the Nigerian comedians are way better at telling jokes than their Ghanaian counterparts. This question come up majorly, around the times when comedy shows are about to be staged and it is realized that majority, if not all of the comedians are Nigerians. 

Ghana’s own Funny Face came up with his spectacular ways of telling jokes and needless to say, he is the toast of many Ghanaians where comedy is concerned. He does not chase after all the proper English construction. He focuses on telling his jokes and if an infusion of Ga and Twi words alongside some Pidgin English will get him to make his audience laugh, then so be it. His antics are effective too.

I personally think that the Ghanaians are poor at the delivery of their jokes majorly because of the language barrier. The Nigerians use their pidgin English which pays no specific attention to grammar nor construction. They are able to infuse their local language into the dialogue and this makes the delivery easier.

Seriously, it takes too much of an effort to speak another language as your own and when that language is none other than English, I think there will be too much strain on speakers to ensure that certain basic formations are gotten right.

Again, Ghanaians are fond of stupidly laughing at each other because one person pronounced an English word wrongly. This adds more pressure when speaking the language. People will rather take pride in the fact that they can speak another person’s language much better than their own. I think this is lost. This is very lost.

I think our comedians should embrace any means possible to help them break their jokes into ways that will ensure the audience enjoyment. After all, such shows are attended for the laugh, whichever way it is presented, not for the grammar!

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