Monday, June 8, 2015

Victim and Villain

He pursued and got her interested.
She fell and admitted it.
They started out and dated to the point of courtship.
They had become exclusive.
She had asked if he was married. Or had kids.
Both he had denied seriously.
And so for 14 months, she thought this exclusive meant exclusive.
He would cancel out on appointments sometimes and would only sit out with her in the company of a male friend of his.

Else he would insist they sit in his car only.
She would call and hear voices of children.
She would ask and he would say they are his nephews or nieces, whichever one seemed convenient.
Women and instincts.
And so she cornered one friend of his and begged him to respect her enough not to lie.
She asked if his friend was married.
The silence of the friend was deafening.
She found her way to unravel and alas he was a married man. With three children.
She did not feel hurt for herself as much as she felt for his wife.
For every memory was laced with lies to her.
She felt sorry for his wife who had to live with a man who could deny her totally.
She had friends who were dating men who were married.
And they knew these men were married.
But not her.
She had found her man for she always considered herself too full a woman to share a man, or to have a half man.
And so she stepped aside and ignored him.
But her other concern hit her.
It bugged her.
Would she have been seen as the victim if a pregnancy had come up for instance?
Would society listen to her?
Will society believe that she did not know he was married?
Will society accept and support her and her child?
Will his wife then turned rival realize she felt sorry for her?
Poor girl who only innocently was dealing with her life, she got stuck in love with a lying tongue.
She had never wanted to date married men. And she wouldn't.
She felt she was too full a woman to have a man who could not talk her to sleep.
A man who could not speak on phone at certain times.
A man who always wanted to hide her.
A man who played chaskele with her.
Chaskele. Because when his wife was around, she got thrown off.
Poor married woman with such a lying man.
And they actually had four children. Not three!
And the wife is by no means a lazy unattractive woman.
Maybe they have their own issues.
But from her point of view, no married man should ever  deny his wife.
That is bad.
Who will listen?
Who will not judge?
Sometimes the villains society creates and admonishes, are actually victims of the same circumstances as well. . . .

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