Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Very Own Analysis of Our Elections 2012

Following the death of President Attah Mills and the ascension of John Dramani Mahama to the highest office as President of Ghana, I have had quite a number of people ask me how I think the elections will go, considering all that has happened.

In my years on earth and of the four or so democratic elections I have witnessed in my country Ghana so far, my conclusion is this: that Ghana is a wholly NDC(National Democratic Congress) and NPP(New Patriotic Party) Affair. The other parties, well I feel they will not be seen nor heard for a very very long time.

From where I sit, both parties have their strongholds. Sometimes one will win against the other but the difference is usually little. I still feel majority of Ghanaians vote on ethnic lines and on party solidarity. This is to the extent that if Ama supports NDC, she will never see anything wrong with anything the NDC says or does. If Kojo is with the NPP, he will never voice out their bad. This is sometimes annoying because clearly, majority of people still do not realize that they have to listen to the policies of these wanna be Presidents and MPs just so if they come to power, they can hold them accountable to their own words. The jubilations should not be just about Ama or Kojo’s party in power but rather about the promises they made and whether they are being proactive about them. The jubilations, I think, should be that Ghana is moving forward in one area or the other and not just about my party being in office yet current policies, if any, are not benefiting me and majority of us.

On who is likely to win the December 2012 elections, first of all peace will win. It will prevail. I believe so. I try in my own small way to educate my Pig farm folks about choosing peace no matter what. I mean the folks who are not on social media. As to the winner – here is my breakdown. A certain 45percent of valid votes will go to NDC’s John Dramani Mahama and a certain 45percent will go to NPP’s Nana Addo Akufo-Addo. The remaining 10percent will be shared by the other parties and those swingers who determine the President of Ghana, at least, using the last two elections as my source. If there happens to be a second round, these 10percent folks will have the power to determine who the President of Ghana will be. I do not see John Dramani nor Akuffo Addo winning easily. I see both of them gaining a lot of their traditional votes from their strongholds and being at par. Their policies will give Ghana a new President because those swingers I mentioned, they swing because they listen to policies before voting.

Am set for Election 2012. Am a happy Ghanaian who is just waiting to awe the world again with yet another peaceful election. And again, am me, just me, so these analyses are from nowhere but my off the street knowledge and happenings of past elections. Please, I am no Ben Ephson so may you not hold me to critical criticisms and probably tear me to shreds because I do not have a briefcase of documents like Malik Kwaku Baako to back what I am saying. Please, this is my take on the elections. You are welcome to add your say in the comments box. :-) 


  1. Great analysis coming from a great mind. One thing though u forgot to add..... In the end Ghana will win the elections!!! Well done Miss...

  2. Well written. I have always maintained that Ghana doesnt vote on policies. A large majority (too large) are illiterate this way and the politicians make sure these masses remain in that illiteracy by playing along ethnic and religious lines just to win votes and sympathy. Am also cautiously optimistic that Ghana will win in the end but that extremely small minority must not relent in educating and promoting peace and unity always.

    Good take on the elections. Keep it up. Cheers!