Friday, August 24, 2012

Young Executives Young Entrepreneurs - Kwaku Zee

On Facebook, his name is Bra Kwaku Zee, aka Gals Best Friend. This accolade he keeps up by usually talking about relationships and giving ladies more tit bits to feel empowered. Sometimes he tells them not to ever cry over any man and at other times, he tells them that there is a lot of sexiness in being confident. He posts lots of links to his videos on via Facebook.
The video could possibly be that of an advert his company, Possible Image produced or of a wedding documentary. He is a happy go lucky person with a very big heart.

Born and named David Nana Kwaku Adu Appeigyei, the single man and co founder of Possible Image has been an ardent lover of movies right from his childhood. Initially, he wanted to be a Pilot but changed his mind to cinematography when he was fascinated by camera movements in the many movies he had become an enthusiast of. He was that kind of child who will dismantle a new gadget just so he would see how it possibly worked. Thankfully, he had loving parents who kept buying him more toys and encouraged his love for dismantling and fixing things. As of now, Kwaku is still a movie freak whose friends seek his advice on whether to watch latest movies or not.

Possible Image, which is located at Kade Street, Kanda, is into documentary productions, event coverage, music videos and commercials. Additionally, the outfit provides other services such as budgeting, scouting, scripting, movie editing, motion graphics and special effects. The company started barely three years ago when Kwaku and George Nana Kojo (Glenn) felt they could help in changing the face of cinematography in the country. Until then, Kwaku was a creative director at Media Hype for four years.

Young David Appeigyei started his education at Achimota Primary School where he finished his junior high certificate exams. His parents enrolled him and his big brother, Ralph, in boarding school at the ages of 5 and 8 respectively. He went on to Tema Secondary school and then to Young and Young where he got introduced to computer graphics software. However, most of the skills he has for what he does now are as a result of self teaching with tutorials on Growing up was relatively smooth for him. He grew up with elderly cousins and a big brother. As the baby of the house, he was usually pampered and got away with a lot of his antics. He lost his father sometime ago and his fondest memories of him are the fact that he helped a lot of people around him and still made time for his children. Life in the boarding house made him develop a fighting and independent spirit.

There have been some bitter moments as well as very joyous ones in the span of the life of Possible Image and of Kwaku Zee. His motivation all this while is basically his love for what he does and the joy that comes with him being behind the camera, knowing that he is responsible for recording all glorious moments of a particular situation. This joy transcends to when he gets behind the computer to edit the videos. When he finally delivers a video and a client is so happy that they would want to jump in the air and hug them for awesome works done, he feels humbled.

Typically, Kwaku starts his day by thanking God for life. He tunes in to CNN, BBC and is an ardent listener of Peace FM. He goes through his camera equipment, if they happen to have a shoot or prepares to meet clients, if that is what the day demands. He sometimes delivers videos to clients as well. He would also sit behind his computer and go through all his videos. If there are any unfinished editing, he gets to it and takes breaks by logging onto Facebook. He has another relaxing ritual, which is to watch a movie every day.
Already, the company has been invited to Nigeria and the UK to shoot some weddings and documentaries for various clients. Prospects in some other countries are looking good for the duo.

Kwaku is a people person. He loves making new friends and chatting away. Sometimes however, he appreciates silence and would remain quiet for a long time. He pays a lot of attention to all he does and ensures things are just right for him. He has an obsession for solving problems and helping others. He recalls when he gave a gift of a phone to Aunty Sela, the waakye seller in his neighborhood just so it will be convenient for customers to communicate with her, with him being arguably her number one customer. He feels overjoyed anytime he stretches his hand to help someone and the person appreciates his gesture. People who do not know Kwaku enough might conclude that he loves to date different girls at the same time. That is actually far from his truth. He is just a sweet person with whom a lot of girls feel comfortable with.

A lot of new businesses, especially those in the arts have issues with getting paid. Kwaku and his partner, Glenn, would take time to take clients through their services and their charges and make them understand and agree to pay them before they work with the client. Because of this stance, getting paid for their works has not really been an issue, yet.
Cinematography requires a lot of discipline and smartness. One must have sharp enough eyes to capture moments and be able to anticipate certain sequels just so they can be captured. One has simply got to be passionate and determined to be in this profession and must have a business minded approach just so the passion can pay bills.

Bra Kwaku Zee’s favorite quote, at the moment is that there are only two choices in life: control or be controlled.

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