Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stepping Out In Style

A lot of people have spoken about how to dress and how looking good and wearing the right dresses and outlook can boost ones confidence. Sadly, we have a lot of people who have invested and keep investing so much in clothing and accessories, shoes and bags, belts and all others they may deem relevant. Yet, their confidence levels is nothing to write home about.

I have met ladies and men dressed and looking smashingly dazzling yet they lose out on even their words when they open their mouths to speak. According to the confidence expects on appearances, such persons should automatically have the highest levels of confidence ever yet the opposite often happens.

Confidence does not lie in your looks alone. It adds up to it. ADD UP. Not the actual deal. Confidence is within. Self confidence is seriously and actually an individual thing. Your parents can do whatever, your family can have whichever kind of individuals, you may be in the best of schools but all these cannot make you confident if you do not decide to build it on your own. Going about and walking with your family titles, schools attended and privileges will make you a braggart.

Confidence is one thing that can make you appreciate humility and attain the highest ends of your dreams. Confidence is what makes people ooze with life and zeal to succeed. Confidence is the reason why someone may not be wearing the most expensive apparel but will still make silent statements and more salient ones than all others who have dressed well enough. Confidence makes people talk calmly but definitely because they know what they are about. They look up and right back at you and not around you when dealing with you.

Confident people are aware of the self discipline and self teaching they have gone through. They know what makes them and do not wither according to the rumor mill. Confidence or the lack of it is the other factor that makes someone actually wear a dress or simply have the dress on. Confidence is an inbuilt thing that cannot be bought nor have someone give to us. We have to build our confidence and once we get it going, we can be rest assured that when we finally dress up to step out, we will do so in full style!

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