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Young Executives Young Entrepreneurs - Kwabena Poku

The onset of Social Media has brought with it an appreciable level of new friendships and meetings on a virtual platform. It is now relatively easier to be friends with or followers of certain people and to kind of have an interpersonal discussion with them on various issues. However, social media as a marketing tool is still quiet new to majority of people.

That companies would have to hire or contract people to run their social media campaigns is an idea that most organizations here have not bought into. Marketing communications involves specific information delivered at specific time in order to derive a certain excitement in an audience. People find it easy to pay traditional media professionals but paying for such persons to run their social media campaigns is yet to get to their understanding.

Samuel Moses Opoku-Agyemang, better known as Kwabena Poku, is a 33 year old owner of a social media agency by name Media POP which provides social media applications, manage pages, attract audiences and to engage clients as well. He is also a partner with MGC Activ which offers services including concept briefs, feasibility studies, web design services and web development. He has been in this business for the past seven years. He used to work with Health Information Management Solutions. What motivates him to stay in it and to keep going on is the love he has for the job and to be one of the names mentioned and referred to by people as soon as they hear Social Media in Ghana and beyond and also to be able to give more to the needy.

A product of Tema Parents Association, Mfantsipim and Central University College, the young boy in Kwabena was always amazed at flying planes and decided on being a pilot. He grew up getting away with a lot of his naughtiness mainly because he is the last of his parents three children and the only son though there was an older male cousin as well. Married for forty years now, his parents showered the children with lots of love and inculcated in them the habit of giving and helping others. They were also strict on discipline. He loves his family and appreciates them all as well as his friends who have become like his family. He is not married yet but has a fiancée who has all the love and admiration he could possibly give to a woman.
Kwabena is adding his footsteps and hard work to all the new possibilities in Ghana.

He has created and is one of the pioneers of a media house with specific interest in social media. His typical day gets started with his devotion between him and his Maker which he shares with his friends and followers on social media. He checks on all the pages of clients to ensure all is well with them. Updating of statuses, checking user comments, responding to inbox messages and loading new photos are all part of ensuring the pages are running smoothly. Meetings with scheduled clients are taken care of before he returns to sit behind his computer. He added, “the amazing part of this is that, with Social media we are able to work ahead of current times hence most clients have updates and information going out way ahead of scheduled dates. Sometimes I end up forgetting about lunch but then again it’s the nature of the job. Between 4 and 5pm, I end up strategizing with people I work with per clients’ demands and all.”

A lot of entrepreneurs have issues with friends and some clients who just decide not to pay for services rendered, forgetting that the business is not for charity. Kwabena Poku admitted that the nature of social media in Ghana makes it difficult to convince some clients to adopt such campaigns so some find it difficult to pay for services rendered although they were the ones to give the go ahead. He manages to talk to them and to make them realize the potential in social media marketing for their products and to convince them to pay for old services.

The young, astute and happy business owner always finds comfort in being himself no matter what. He is aware some people love him while others do not but his perceptions about himself and of such people are usually straightforward. He is comforted that God loves him and that he is on The Lord’s side. His family and fiancée, who happens to be his partner, advisor and confidant as well as lover being there for him adds up lots of pluses and shoots up his drive the more. He loves his close niche of friends who he actually considers as family and he cherishes all those humbling moments when through his daily life, he is able to put a smile on someone’s face by stretching forth a helping hand. His most prized gift to humanity, yet, is his love of giving. Asked about his favorite quote, he stated “it is only a matter of time before someone will see the eagle in you and allow you to spread your wings and fly higher. Be patient.” This quote which motivates him is from an unknown source. Kwabena adores good food extremely!

It is always imperative for human beings to help with good courses aimed at helping others. Volunteering is one of such courses and the owner of Media POP ensures he gives his time to volunteerism. He loves meeting people, listening to good music. He is an ardent fan of Cece Winans, Donnie McLurkin, Yolanda Adams, Gladys Knight and Marcus Wiley. Selective Jazz, hiphop and hiplife will surely get his attention. He loves reading science fiction, history, biographies and materials he considers relevant and loves to talk about politics as well.

For any opportunity he gets, he takes it upon himself to educate people and clients about the advent of social media and how it can be used to help businesses to grow. He teaches them some of the practices on the use of social media for businesses and how wrong it is for people to assume that so far as they have a personal social media page, they can easily manage a product or service page. In as much as people would pay other professionals even in the media to work on specific areas of their campaigns, he advices and convinces them to do same for their social media campaign as well.


  1. Small world indeed. I have not bothered to read the post for one reason...because I have reason to question his integrity.

    I do admire that he has been able to identify the huge potential that lay in the use of social media with respect to branding of companies and has commercialized it.

    However, I believe integrity is everything in business especially if you have been entrusted with branding of another company. Bringing the name of your clients into disrepute is not acceptable.

    A short summary of my reason:
    He run a promo on Closeup Ghana facebook page. Offered 3 movie tickets as a reward to the 4000th person to "like" the page. I did win the promo which was duely acknowledged on the close up Ghana page ( on July 31. That I have not heard anything from him and whoever he is working with about the tickets till now even though they publicized my winning to the public only goes to show why am skeptical about his integrity. Integrity is your greatest value in business.

    I chose not to take him up on this after I realized it was a sham but fate has a way of playing its card and to think your brother Martin was supposed to receive a ticket from me as the 3999th person to have liked the page just so i could be the 4000th person.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment anyway :)

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