Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As Mother's Day Approaches. . .

The stories will flow. The mothers will be celebrated everywhere, in every corner, church, home and the media will definitely look at making money off this celebration, while ensuring that some “deserving” mothers win prizes.

It is good to celebrate mothers, and people in general who are responsible. Yet, the stories of biological mothers who had had to run over themselves to ensure their children got an education, to took them away from an abusive man, or sold her entire wardrobe to ensure her children ate never gets to me. I say never because 
I feel it is a parent’s job to ensure the safety and education of their child. Once The Creator gives you a child, He has made you fully responsible for the child, at least till age 18. Give your food to the child when he or she is hungry. Let them eat while you sleep with hunger. They are your responsibility and for that, I just feel responsibilities have to be taken care of. Period.

The stories that touch me are often sheltered. They hardly make it to the limelight. Almost every promotion is focused, seemingly on biological children entering for their biological mothers. Their entries are so many that the stories that touch me usually remain under. The ones that touch me, the mothers whose stories make me reflect on Christ, are those aunties, step mothers, friends, adoptive mothers and guardians who go through whatever to ensure that someone else’s child gets a better life.

Those women who often have no or little blood connection with these children, some of whom have nurtured them for a lifetime, they are the ones that touch me. I do not see theirs as a responsibility for they can clearly leave the child behind and walk. After all, they did not labor for the child. When a biological mother leaves her children to go hungry and not educated while she wastes her money on nonsensicals like shoes and clothing, she is insulted. When a guardian does same, the insults do not get to that level. In the same way, I feel, honestly, that all those women who treat other people’s children as much and well as their children, those women whose maids cannot be differentiated at a party because of their rag looking clothes, and to all those women who have it in them to love and nurture other people’s children unconditionally, I celebrate you.

Happy Mothering Day To You, Always.

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