Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Years Of Viasat One

With the brightest screen quality, they launched themselves onto our television screens and into our homes some few years back and wowed a ,lot of us. They promised to deliver quality entertainment and surely they have lived up to expectation.

Starting with a heavy dwelling on foreign productions, Viasat One was the alternative station to people who wanted more entertainment content but yet still could not afford pay television. From Oprah Winfrey’s Show to Girlfriends, CSI(Miami, New York) and a host of other programs, they have arguably won a lot of viewers than their counterparts in all cities and towns they have reached.

Commanding the late afternoons with soap operas and talk shows and conquering the evenings with foreign sitcoms, Viasat One has indeed had a beautiful journey and I have enjoyed it so far. Along the line, once the shows run out, season after season, they always had good enough replacements. 

And oh, the voice overs for their on-air content has been awesome so far. Have I mentioned my love affair with them at 10pm every weekday? Oh, and the fact that their repetitions of the earlier nights shows from the morning of the next day comforted me enough because at least I was guaranteed of yet another viewing? Viasat one has been amazing over the years.

With the quality of programs showing on the network, it was just right, and apparent that should there be any local productions, it must be to a certain standard to have airtime on the station. Along the line came The One Show and laugh A Minute. Later on, and as if deliberate to satisfy their widening viewership and viewers’ choices came other local productions, movies and operas with my all time being Desperados.

Indeed Viasat has come a long way. Am glad I started a love affair with them. Am glad they still satisfy me and am even gladder to be cutting a cake with three candles on with them. To all who have helped in maintaining my affair with your on screen programs, I say thank you and well done. Surely, the future looks colorfully bright for Viasat One.

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