Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Whenever we set off to pray, we have to forgive all those who have caused us bitterness. This is mandatory, for a part of the model prayer says “and forgive us our sins as we have forgiven those who trespass against us.”
Tis true that our human nature makes it difficult sometimes to forgive and to forget. But the God in us should make it easy. Sometimes, some people hurt us and we are able to easily forgive them and move on. Such people are needed by us as much as they need us. Let us consider ourselves as a tree.
You are the stem. You have roots which are not seen or felt by anyone but you. Only you know how much they put into sustaining you, the stem. You have branches. Some break off during a light wind, others break off during a rainstorm and others stay on with you even through your wither years. Then you have the leaves. They get all they want from you and use that to provide shade for other people and you as well. Yet, during the harmattan, when you need them the most, they all wither to come no more. New ones come and vanish as quickly as they came. Then there are the weeds. They are not on you, directly, but they harm your growth sometimes.
The roots are the few people who have held and still hold your life. The strong branches are the people who will go through thick and thin with you. The weaker branches, they are helpful people, but, not so reliable. The leaves, oh! The leaves! They are the people who come into your life in a flash, sometimes promising heaven and earth and yet still, able to disappear within a flash. The weeds are the people who usually affect you negatively but indirectly. They may be doing so through close associates. We know who our roots and leaves and stems and weeds are. When the roots and branches hurt us, we are seemingly able to forgive them. But for the leaves and some of the branches and weeds in our lives, we are sometimes able to forgive them, but in a way, we are also able to keep them in a hole without feeling the least bit bothered.
Forgiveness is truly divine. As much as we hold a grudge, we give the opponent power and authority over our hearts and souls. Imagine someone has hurt you; you see the person everyday and get angry while the person will be leading a free life, free of even his own guilt. Forgive such a person. Make them know you hold nothing against them and the guilt will be with them rather. In as much as we forgive one another, we open the floodgates of Heaven to rain abundant blessings on us. This flood of a blessing never causes harm; it rather makes your God who He Is, and makes others wonder in awe.
God has never destined a selected few to be happy. He has in fact decreed and declared all his children to be the most prosperous in the land. We block some of this prosperity by not forgiving. Tis difficult, but in as much as we do not exactly need the same leaves and weeds to prosper, as new ones will always grow, we need to forgive them to get to our full potential of being called BLESSED and being BLESSED by our Maker!

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