Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still. . .You Can Rise!

Beginning a project and having it go down the drain can be nerve wrecking. It can make you loose all hope you once cherished some time ago. Before you began, you dreamt of the success, you smiled at it, you smelled it and you began to think it. At that moment, troubles and trials seemed like grass beneath your feet. With all the thorns, some piercing you and some giving you a smooth walk, you were only seeing and feeling grass, smooth or rough.

Then you started the project. With all the energy in the world, and with all believe, you went for it. You chased it. You lived it and breathed it everyday. It felt good. When folks asked, you smiled painfully because you kept re assuring yourself even through the hard beginning.

Along the line, things started going downhill. The expectations were not forthcoming. They were dwindling and alas, your money was going down at a supersonic speed. Some really close associates began to diss you, and point out all the otherwise terrible decisions you made. You cannot go back to change them. And it is good they did not voice it out. Things may be bad now but heck, be positive. You didn’t listen to them so what? If you had, trust, your testimony would be too smooth to encourage some other person.

So now things are bad. They have collapsed. And the chorus singers are happy. They hum and sing I told you so. Oh I miss Bob Cole!

Every situation has a good and bad side. It all depends on how you choose to look at it. If you keep starring at a closed door for instance, you will miss the next door that has been opened for you. Yes it is difficult to rise again. It takes a lot of energy. But think about it. . .if you were able to rise before, why can’t you rise again? If you had had a smooth ride without cries, you really cannot smile with the contentment associated with your gain.

Shame on you if you have failed and have refused to get up again. Shame on you if you are in your comfort zone. Push yourself. That you are working for an organization or working on your own is not the issue here. The issue is you have to push.

It is my fervent believe that The Creator created all in His image. He is responsible for all the natural wonders. He has made you sooo high and mighty that you are capable of wonders too. What are you waiting for? According to earth, the sun rises everyday. If that is the case, then you can also always rise after a fall.

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