Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dear Men. . .

In as much as you would want your women to be submissive and all the other qualities that you yearn for, I feel you sometimes slack on certain things in terms of your being yet you never take it lightly when she, on the other hand slacks.

For one thing, every woman, naturally, is a submissive woman. Seriously. If you are the man you are supposed to be, she will be the woman she is supposed to be.
For instance, there is nothing sexy about a man who is not confident. As soon as you show a low self confidence and self esteem, you make the woman metamorphose into her other natural being – a mother. So instead of being your partner, she becomes your mother and begins to boss you around, just like she will boss her kids around. Showing confidence has nothing to do with being corky. They are different words, and of course with different meanings as well. hihi
Servitude is good. It is a beautiful trait. And it is very different from doing donkey jobs just to win favor from, say, your rich friend or your boss. No woman wants that, at least I can’t see any such woman from where I sit. This is most annoying when you always kowtow to a particular friend. You are able to be “man enough” with your other pals but when it comes to a particular one, you don’t mind going as far as kissing his ass. No sirs! We cannot stand that. That is not servitude. That is kissing asses to win favors and damn, that is also not sexy!

You think women nag. Okay, I won’t even try to debunk this. It will be an endless argument on my part and yes, you will not listen anyway. All I know is, . . .if you say you love her, show her. If you want to spend time with your friends and not have her interfere, do not ask her many questions when she decides to spend time with her girlfriends. If she chooses you, It’s you, just as it is her when you choose her. Believe it is you and stop being in-secured. Oh another point, you think women who are in-secured will not make exciting partners right? The same goes to you too Dears.

And lastly, dearest men, just as you have your dream woman; size, body, color, character and even height and age, please know, and be informed that women also have their own statistics in their heads. That you have seen a woman who fits your bill does not mean she has seen a man who fits her bill. If she says no, it means no and for crying out loud, a woman’s no means no! When you press on, they might say yes, and later say no anyway. :-)

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