Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A few realisations I have made concerning the social network site, Facebook. Nothing personal. And if this happens to have a bearing on your particular self, that was not the intention.
Mondays on Facebook are inundated with motivational quotes and status updates, possibly giving enough energy for the coming week. Tuesdays come with a continuation of the Monday status’ updates. Still quite high on motivation.

Wednesdays, mid week and by now, peoples’ minds are tuning towards the approaching weekend. The week days flying faster for the weekends to come along will be well appreciated. Then comes Thursdays. By now, the status updates are geared toward a bountiful weekend with a lot of exciting places to go to and activities to indulge in.

TGIF. Yes. Thank God It’s Friday, comes. The Lord is thanked for the week. Status’ about the weekend are high and folks start drawing their weekend plans. But awkwardly though, some of those who have been yearning for the weekend to approach faster have nowhere to go. They start asking friends what their plans are and start telling them about where they would love to hang out. . . this comes with an “. . you lets see how it will end by evening” note in their writings. Nonetheless, the Friday partying is enjoyed anyway and overly so much. Saturday’s status updates are not as rampant as the other days. From where I sit, folks sleep in, possibly for relaxing reasons or are probably tied down by the activities of Friday night alone. And oh, Saturday’s status updates come from cell phones, much more than on any other day.

Sunday. Halleluiah somebody!!! A lot of people on here turn Biblical and highly so. People quote Bible verses and remember Reverends and Pastors words and names at the speed of lightening. Suddenly there is renewed strength in The Lord. Oh He makes all things beautiful In His Time. . .Hold on, your breakthrough is near. . .The devil, he is a liar people. . . yessssssssssssssssssssssssss The Lord is good all the time and all the time The Lord is good. . . He will not give you much more load then you can carry. . . He died to save us. The Son of the living God, trust Him with your all and you will never regret. . . O for a thousand songs to sing My Redeemer’s grace. . .Just as I am without one plea. . . Master, speak, Thy servant heareth. . . and the ones that admonish other friends to go to church. Amen. Facebook is super spiritual on Sundays. It bleeds into Mondays, becomes faint on Tuesdays and start diminishing by Wednesdays only to be resuscitated on Sunday mornings.

Now to a few observations about folks who call their cell phones with their landlines and talk to themselves. . . I mean, you certainly put up a status because you like it. The “like” button, I believe, is the reserve of your friends who really agree with your line of thought but would not want to comment. Not that I have a problem but jeeeessss someone liking their own status update and comments gives me the creeps.

Oh finally, people, if you cannot be clear about a situation, do not write it, please. For example, someone writes “oh why, why did it have to happen”. . .first and second comments ask him why. Then he comes back to say, “hmmmm, like if you knew, you will be praying for me!” Ah! How can they know and pray for you if you are not letting them in? See what I mean?

Anyway Facebook is still a lot of fun to be on. 

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