Sunday, September 16, 2012

10,000 And Counting!!!

In the month of February 2010, I decided to finally create my own blog and host my thoughts on it. This was after I had realized that indeed am somewhat of a good writer, courtesy the feedback from some lovely people whom I practically forced to read. The first article to be published on this blog was a longer version of thoughts I had sent to Graphic Showbiz in a text message for it to be published in their Reader’s Column segment. I actually won GHC10 credit for that message. The title is Arts In Sync!

From that time till now, I have gone through different phases. I have grown to realize and appreciate that am actually a versatile writer. I have toyed with and finally managed to fuse features or fiction to produce promotional and public relation stories (which hardly appear on the blog). I am yet to publish stories on food and food joints I go to. I have ventured into the exciting field of fashion though am yet to publish anything on it. Once, someone asked if I’m a Journalist. By definition, no, I’m not a Journalist. I’m a writer who happens to have inculcated her graphic design and marketing communications background into her writings. Sometimes I get blocked and do not know what to put on so I go off for long times. Sometimes too I just save the articles on my small Toshiba notebook and just smile at it. As and when I feel it should be published, it gets published. Now however, articles will be published regularly.

So far, I am happy to have featured such beautiful people as Emmanuel Bobbie, Steven Adusei, Nana Kofi Asihene, Mabel Simpson when she was a Presenter with Hitz Fm and all the other amazing people. Am thankful to all those who allowed me to write on them and to share a minute part of their life with the rest of the world.

Grab A Glass And Let's Toast! :-)
I’m particularly grateful to you, dear Readers, for your role in the blog hitting 10,000 views. Am thankful for your times spent reading and the feedback\comments you send to me especially through my Facebook Inbox. They always inspire me to go on and achieve.

Now, the blog has started running polls. Eventually, polls will be run for three days, maximum one week so we can all get to share in the fun of voting for “A” “B” or “C” and wondering why what or who we chose didn’t win! To this end, I encourage you all to keep reading, keep giving feedback, keep recommending the blog and to always vote on the polls.

To God be the glory. Greater things He is doing. Amen.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. It has been a pleasure reading from you. Well done and keep on keeping on.