Thursday, September 13, 2012

The One Show

The Talk Program on Viasat One, The One Show, presented by Joselyn Dumas and PY Addo-Boateng has gone through some metamorphoses from the days when Joselyn was handling it alone to the public outcry for the producers to change her through to her taking charge and holding the show down to when PY joined. It has been able to stamp its feet as a talk show to watch out for and for which a lot of people make time to watch, and listen.

Recently, I have realized that the show feels rushed. Rushed in the sense that people are brought on to talk about a particular topic and before one (or I) begins to settle into the topic and the discussions, the panelist is already been booted out to make way for the next segment. Once there was this issue of rape. Before the first commercial break, the panelists who had been brought on to talk about an aspect of it were already on their way out, after barely ten minutes. 

In my humble opinion, this is a talk show. Issues coming up should be discussed as if the producers want them discussed or they should not be discussed at all. I watch a lot of talk shows produced from elsewhere and usually, one topic is dealt with so much that you can actually get viewers to cry through a commercial break because of the intensity and detail of the issues been discussed. Maybe Ghanaians would not want to talk deep but if for instance you bring in a clinical psychologist to talk about effects of rape, please let the person educate. This rush attitude gives viewers no take home message.

I have barely used the rape issue as an example. There was one on weddings as well and it has been like that for some time now. How about you take one aspect of an issue and talk about it for one hour? Just a suggestion though. For now, I wish I could feel as if a particular topic has been dealt with enough, instead of the potpourri of issues. Potpourri I think will work for light weight entertainment shows. Again, my opinion. 

And oh lest I forget. . .what is with all the chit chatting after commercial breaks as if the presenters do not know they are on? Deliberate is sometimes cool but over indulgence easily becomes boring!


  1. Ah! The One Show is still being aired? Did they change timings?

  2. Ah! The One Show is still being aired? Did they change timings?

  3. Thank you. And Gloria, it shows at 5pm.

  4. love this programme....keep it up guys