Sunday, September 30, 2012

Papaye Has Still Got It!

The Osu Oxford Street in Accra has seen some of the most amazing and fastest transformations from a calm normal street into a bustling commercial center in a very short while. The street I remember used to have a few shops but commercial activities weren’t vibrant. The only restaurant I remember is Papaye.

Over the years, a whole lot of hotels, banks, ultra modern offices, night clubs and eateries have sprung up. All the eateries offer their best services and foods, or so I believe and have in a way given Papaye Fast Foods some competition.

My amazement and inspiration for this piece is the fact that despite all the new bistros and restaurants, Papaye is still able to command a huge enough crowd. No matter the time of day, their restaurant upstairs and their fast food joint downstairs always have an appreciable number of people. Yet some of these new ones are practically empty on a day to day basis.

The taste of the Papaye Fried Rice and Grilled Chicken, the Fries and Chicken, their coleslaw and    all others on their menu has remained the same for as long as my taste buds remember them. More so, all their new restaurants offer the same unique taste. Different people cook but the taste is still the same. That is a plus. 

My all time humorous moments are when I walk into Papaye Restaurant and am given a menu by a waiter. I find it funny because their menu has not changed in a long time, or maybe, I know all that is on the menu so no need to go through.

After all the years, all the competition, Papaye still has their taste and crowd. Kudos to all Staff and Management!

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