Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Goes Around. . .

In a fast changing world, I have been awed by the growing characters around me. I get surprised by some of them and get to laugh at them when they start crying foul.

Imagine this. There are a group of five girlfriends. They do all sorts of things together. One of them has a certain man as her best friend. This man is breathtakingly dangerously flirtatiously wild! But there is a catch.
He has a girlfriend who happens not to be among the above group of five. Let’s just say the group of five is called DA1. Now the members of this group all have men issues. Varying degrees of men issues that the two amongst them who claim to be dating are more single than the single one in the group. One has a friend with benefit and the other has only been good to be the mistress of a married man for close to five years. She has no say in the relationship, can’t call the man, cant visit him, can’t call for anything but has to be available once he calls. And she better not be caught with another man! The one who admits to being single has dated the wrong man after the wrong man and she happens to be best friends with Mr. Flirtatiously Wild.

Meanwhile, Mr Flirtatiously Wild is one who really loves his girlfriend. He never cheats on his woman of the moment but anytime he is unattached and on free range, he does explore his options; all available options! Suddenly, the other four girls set eyes on this man. They all secretly confess to his friend amongst them. This friend manages to tell Mr. Wild that he is hot cake and that all the girls have their eyes on him. He resists but eventually, he gives in. One after the other, he goes down with all these four women, except for his best friend.

All the girls recall their encounters with Mr Wild to their friend, of course, in secret. None of them knows about his encounter with the other friend, except his best friend. Meanwhile, this best friend always says hi to his girlfriend and makes her feel comfortable. Eventually, she herself decides that she also has to have some of him because all the girls cannot stop talking about his sexual prowess. Eventually, she succeeds and gets this man.

You cannot ever expect people not to know when bad is happening around them so his girlfriend gets to know about his fourth encounter with his best friend while they were at it at his home. She calls the relationship quits. Mr. Wild is heartbroken and he knows he deserves to be damped.

Meanwhile, his best friend has always had issues with all her men because they all have the same peculiar problem. They all end up cheating on her. She recently damped one man after two months of dating because, he had already had sex with her friend who is still dating the married man. Her new man could not stop looking at one of her friends who claim to be dating but are better of single. She is enjoying the flirting and Miss Best friend knows either they have gone down or will soon go down. She dumps his “sorry” self and wallows into the usual phrases of how men are cheats, and are silly, and she does not know why all men do that to her and what nots.

Miss Best friend and Mr Flirtatiously Wild are still on talking terms but not as much as before. He has realized how much he loves and misses his girl and is still trying to win her back. As for Miss Best friend, she is upset with two of her friends who cheated with her men in the last few months. She has recoiled around them and only says hi when they say hi. She has become weary of her friends.

If only she had been good, and respected the relationship of Mr. Wild and his girlfriend, if only she had not encouraged him to cheat on her, if only she had not played an active part in the whole scenario by supplying the girls, her friends, if only she had been fair and had had good thoughts concerning the woman of her best friend, all this mess would have been avoided.

Wait a minute; while she was encouraging her best friend to cheat, it was surely possible that someone else was also encouraging her men to cheat on her. People say the world is not fair. Hihi. In some regards, fairness always comes to play!