Friday, September 28, 2012

AKUCHI Designs S\S 2012 Collection . . . JADEITE

This year, this spring, this summer, while you laid in wait for it to come, you probably didn’t anticipate that you will be served with glamour as AKUCHI Designs presented their 2012 s\s collection, themed “JADEITE!”

Class, style, definite strides, confident looks and beautiful fashion knowledge with the understanding of one’s own fashion sense is what the “JADEITE” collection is offering. For the woman who is in constant touch with trending fashion, “JADEITE” is your best bet!

Using Luxe blend knits, cottons and prints (the new black), the “JADEITE” collection is simple, ready to wear and feels natural on the skin. It comes in a wide array of minimal and beautifully cut full skirted party frocks, cocktail mini skirts and romantic blouses.

The “JADEITE” collection is separated from all others with the cuts and seams of the necklines and comes in exciting colors of the traditional green. Blends are available with blue, lavender-mauve, red, yellow and emerald green! 

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