Friday, September 7, 2012

This One Is For The One In Love

“This one is for the one in love. And for the one who’s found that one and place' no one above.
Asem and Kwabena, those married and those in relationships, if your love says they cant live with you again, this one is for you” – Into by Asem. 

Kwabena Kwabena
Then Kwbena Kwabena comes in with his usual sultry voice and renders these lines “my Love is leaving me, what should I do? She has showed me her love and I have felt so pampered. Love, now that you are leaving, what should I do? You know I cant sleep when you are not around. Thoughts of you will kill me, what should I do? Now that you are leaving, what should I do?’ 

In Asem’s first stanza rap in this “Bye Bye” track which features him and Kwabena Kwabena, he introduces us to an Airport scenario. His girlfriend whom he loves so much is about to travel. He talks about his deep feelings and that the girl is going to London but he does not tell why the lady has to travel. It is obvious he had been informed of when the lady would be leaving yet he had dreaded it and for some reason he felt it will never come. He cries his heart out because his girl is leaving to another city. 

In the second stanza, he starts with “have you ever been in love so deep? When you think about her you cant sleep? When you wake up she is the air you breath but now for some reason she’s got to leave and you wish there was another way out and it hurts so bad like ouch. But you have to live without her and like Michael Bolton you’ thinking how? Cos your world evolve around her and ever since the day that you found her, you made her queen of your heart. You made her queen you crowned her but now she’s got a job offer. Decision making is tougher. You don’t wanna be a selfish lover so you got to let her go cos you love her”

The above lines give us an indication that the lady was not abandoning her relationship with the man. She just happened to have gotten a job offer and she had taken it. As to the whether she was going to come back or not, Asem did not preview that to us. Seems he himself didn’t know. This same line is the reason for my confusion with regards to the story in the song. In the opening lines, one of them says, “if your love says she cant live with you then this one is for ya’ll” yet later in the song it is realized that the lady was not abandoning the relationship because she didn’t want to live with the man. It was because of a job.

I love this tune. It is catchy and has that effect to make you nod without realizing it. It is one of those beautiful tracks that will make you learn to sing along unconsciously and indeed it has gained a lot of lovers who can actually sing along. 

Asem and Kwabena Kwabena, kudos to you guys, and to Kaywa as well. Kaywa is the producer of the track. But next time, Asem dear, keep the storyline constant and true. Do not confuse us with conflicting reasons in one storyline.

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